Internal and external landform processes.

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Mountains can be formed in different ways that involve  (inside) internal or external (outside) natural forces. The movement of tectonic plates is known as plate tectonics. Plate tectonics is an interior natural force because it happens inside the Earth. When tectonic plates collide, they raise the Earth's crust.Geological agents and process are classified as internal and external Internal geological agents and processes are drive by the heat that is stored in the  external interior. They usually occur far flung from the surface. The internal process leads to the up-lift and sinking of the earth’s surface, whereas the external process is the continuous wearing down and rebuilding of the land surface.


External process occur on the surface of the earth .

  • It is plodding, change .
  • Ex- change in magnitude of the earth .

Internal process occur into interior the surface of the earth .

  • It is sudden change .
  • Ex -earthquake flurry.


Earth Movements is Vertical that is up and down movements cause faulting of the crustal rocks,movements cause folding of the crustal rocks.Internal processes induce some features like fold mountains,rift valley,basins,some types of escarpment,Horst mountain and block mountains.These might be weather, pressure, water, wind, moving sheets of ice.They are formed in the process of orogenesis.



The breakup of rocks by alternate heating and cooling,chemical actions, and the action of living organisms.features induced  are soil,earth pillars ‘by rain action’. Erosion terminate rocks by the action of rock particles being moved over the Earth’s surface by water, wind and ice.Due to the erosion this features may be created;: valleys,plains,cliffs, river and coastal terraces; escarpments (in) Transport ’The movement of rock particles over the Earth s surface by water, wind and ice’.

Here is some images of the caused by land form processes.

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