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Hello Everyone! 

I know I haven't posted in a while... or in forever  BUT I'll try my best to get myself going and more on top of everything more often

So here is my super tiny update about my topic that I might still change! Please let me know if you know any interesting Inquiry Topics to help me find the right topic to work on!

The Inquiry Question I thought of is: Should the involvement of violence be reduced in sports? 


Why I chose this topic

Sports are something that most people do, especially to  maintain good physical health! Although it may not be something considered to be super dangerous, there are still many injuries that occur! That's is how I thought of this topic

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Hi Alice,

This is a super good question. There are many people who believe the amount of aggressiveness and violence should be reduced in many types of sports. I have some experience with this since I play soccer. This is a great topic that will allow you to compare and contrast the idea of this, and find pros and cons. 

Here are some links that might help your research:

Hey Alice, 

I think your new question is very interesting because most teens are involved in a sport and it can be very violent. The first sport that comes to mind when I think of violence is football and children start playing this sport at a very young age. The movie concussion is based on a doctor trying to figure out what caused football player's mental health problems that eventually lead them to suicide. The amount of head injuries that weren't treated properly amazed me because the violence of the sport lead the players to their death. If only their wasn't violence in sports the players would be safer, but then the crowd may not be pleased. Like most inquiry questions there are pros and cons, but perhaps looking into different sports and the effect of violence could be beneficial. Anyways I can't wait to read your project plan! 

Hi Alice,

That's a really interesting idea! Most people would never tackle or kick or punch anyone in a normal situation, but as soon as we're playing a sport, we tend to find it more acceptable to do so. Of course, with sports such as boxing, beating your opponent with violence (that is somewhat restricted) is pretty much the objective of the sport. But there are so many sports where violence isn't supposed to be apart of the game, like soccer and hockey. The real objective is to get the ball or puck in the back of the net by passing it with your teammates. However, violence is still somehow a big part of the game, which is why there are fouls and penalties. With hockey for example, while the objective of the game isn't to win in a fistfight, it still happens often and the referees don't do much to stop it unless it gets out of hand, and this can be the most exciting part of the game for some people. Therefore, it might be interesting to look into why sports are so important in today's society, so much that we feel the need to get extremely aggressive when things don't go our way, even though we wouldn't normally be so violent.

Good luck with your research!

 Hi Alice! 

 This is a really good topic. Many athletes are almost driven by violence when playing sports. In some cases, that may be the goal, like with boxing for example. But in others, the purpose of the game may not even need to be violent, and people are just making it violent. It's also interesting to consider that some injuries aren't intentional, or aren't caused by other players- they're purely accidental and it's the outcomes that are harder to deal with. 

 Good luck! 

Hi Alice,

I think this is a cool topic because it’s true-thought sports are often not viewed as dangerous, severe injuries have occurred at all ages. It might be interesting. To look at how the safety measures in sports have prevented injuries in the past, such as adding the rule that hockey players must wear helmets. Did the amount of concussions go down? What could be done to reduce the number of concussions even more? There are also things an athlete can do to reduce their risk of getting injured. 

This website has some tips on that:


Great topic and good luck with your research!


Hi Alice,

This is a super interesting inquiry question! One of the things you could talk about if you do decide to stick to this topic is how the violence in sports affect's the player's mental health.

Some links that could be useful for this:

I think this is a great question though, and I hope you end up researching it because I'm very curious to see what you learn!

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