Inquiry Question - "Why Do Some Teens Feel The Need To Put Great Effort Into Their Appearances While Others Don't?

For my first inquiry question for this year, I decided on doing something to do with teens appearances because as teenagers some of us like to spend a large amount money on clothing while others don't. The question I came up with is:

Why do some teens feel the need to put great effort into their appearances while others don't?

I would like to research and make surveys to find out the answer to this question since I think it could be really useful to some teens like myself. Maybe we don't have to put a lot time and money into our appearances because what's the difference between jeans from American Eagle compared to Old Navy? There is probably some quality difference, but are we basically just paying for the brand name?

Anyways please feel free to comment and give your opinions on my question.

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Hey Lauren! 

A good question indeed! Certainly a question that answers would be very interesting to see. The example of clothing brand does follow through with simply food brands as well! Who knows, as far as food goes, some food are just as great (and can be better!) than store brands. You got my attention on this inquiry! 

Looking forward to see what you find! 


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