Inquiry Question - How should government funding be used for the prevention of wildfires?

Hi everyone! 

For the new cycle, I plan to continue on with the same question as before. My inquiry question is: "How should government funding be used for the prevention of wildfires?"

As a recap, my first round of research covered information about wildfire causes, factors and how they work. My second round of research was about both the negative and positive effects wildfires can have on vegetation and wildlife. My third round of research was about the impact of wildfires on soil and water quality, and in my fourth round of research, I investigated the link of wildfires to air pollution and climate change.

In the next cycle, I plan to do more research on the concerns wildfires have on humans specifically, such as health and economy, and what the BC/Canadian governments have done and currently do to prevent and manage wildfires. 

More details to come in my project plan! If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!

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Hey Jessica,

I'm glad you decided to stay with the same question because your research could be very useful for others and especially the government. I like the direction your taking with the cycle and looking into the human impact because after all, most wildfires are caused by humans. Perhaps an idea for a research round could be, to look into how other governments use their funding and take ideas that could be beneficial to Canada. There is always something new and improved to help prevent wildfires since they are a large issues during certain time periods like the summer. Maybe governments such as California could have some good ideas for prevention. Anyways, here are some links on the topic and I look forward to reading your next cycle.

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