Inquiry Question - How Does Technology Affect Teenagers?

Hey Butterfly Effect, 

For my second cycle of research, I wanted to stick with my teenager theme and investigate the effects of technology. Thus leading to my new inquiry question:

                               How Does Technology Affect Teenagers? 

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Technology has evolved quite quickly and has impacted teenagers on many different levels socially, academically, mentally and physically. I have heard many different ways technology has positivity and negativity affect many teenagers around the world and ultimately my goal for this inquiry project is to come up with solutions for problems and emphasis on the positives. Whether we like it or not, technology surrounds us and is part of our daily lives which means we should use it as an asset to benefit everyone.

Thank you for reading and stay posted for my upcoming project plan! 

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Hi Lauren!

That's an interesting topic you have, and an important and very relevant one. Teenagers today are constantly surrounded by technology, whether it be at home, at school, or anywhere in between. I think it's good that you want to look at different aspects such as the effects technology has on teenagers socially, academically, mentally and physically, as well as both the negative and positive effects. It's important to look at it from all sides. I don't think we could ever go back to what it was like before when humans weren't surrounded by technology, so I agree that we should find more ways that it can be used to our benefit and learn how to prevent or at least reduce the amount of negative impact it has on people. Technology is made for the benefit of people, but it can indirectly have many negative impacts on people, even if it was made to be a solution to problems. Social media for example was made to connect people, but nowadays many people are feeling less and less connected because they are constantly on their phones, communicating with people with the screens on their phones instead of looking up and seeing the people around them. Of course, this isn't always the case, social media is still very capable of connecting people in many ways, but we can't let social media dictate our lives. Perhaps in one of your rounds you could discuss how social media has changed the way we communicate with each other, or just the effects of social media in general.

Here are some websites you might find useful:

Good luck!

Hi Lauren, 

Wow your topic is really intriguing, and I’m excited to see your project plan + your future rounds of research. I agree with you: technology is evolving rapidly and has impacted teenagers on various scales. When you look around our school, you can see that almost everyone has the newest iPhone model within their arm reach. This is absolutely astonishing because the first iPhone was released only 12 years ago. 

Nonetheless, technology is known to be built to make life better/easier for us. Is there a point where we rely on technology too much? Nowadays, almost everything is done on the online world from communication between peers and handing in homework. At school, I have many courses where you are required to submit an assignment online. In my English, you are “strongly suggested” to bring a laptop to class every day and be on the class website once the bell rings. Thus, you could look into the various ways we use technology on a day to day basis for one of your first research rounds. Furthermore, you may be interested into investigating how much of this technology we use every day and its effects. If you are also interested, you may be interested into looking into cell phone addiction. There would also be no harm into doing some light research on blue light. Nonetheless, in your inquiry question, I’m not sure whether you are using the term “technology” into a broad sense. Remember this is its definition: 

Maybe you can specify if you are meaning electronic devices or referring to the general meaning of technology (which would then include washing machines, etc.)  ?

Here are some websites you could look into:  


Good luck on your research rounds, and I can't wait to see your project plan. 



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Hi Lauren, 

Already I am looking forward to your next rounds of research! This is such an amazing topic that is very pertinent to many of us here since almost all of us are teenagers and have access to some sort of technological device. It's great that you are looking into many different areas of this question: mental, physical, academical, and social. If you could find different positive and negative points for each, this would create an interesting discussion on the controversy of the use for technology, whether it should be used at school and at home, whether access to technology should be given at a younger age, etc. Addressing the points in history where technology was beneficial in contrast to when it was disadvantageous and analyzing the development in teenagers throughout these time periods could be a good tool in studying the effects of technology on a developing brain. If you're interested in this, here are some helpful links I found:

Otherwise, you're on a great start and I can't wait for your first research round!

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