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My new inquiry question for this cycle Is going to be, "How should government funding be used for the prevention of wildfires?". I thought about this over summer break when I was seeing a lot of forest fires burning in the Okanagan, and it made we wonder about the kind of impact it has, both negative and positive. From that information, I will talk about how I think government funding should be used to prevent control wildfires. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below. I will go more in depth when I post my project plan soon.

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Hey Jessica,,,

Fantastic!According to your research on impacts of wildfires on the environment,I can suggest that wildfires in a negative  effect can result to;

  • Damaging the habitat of the environment—which sincerely depends on the soil type and the fire’s intensity
  • Affecting the species population and distribution after the incident
  • Destroy homes and buildings
  • Incur costly deportation and destruction
  • Creating a heavy smog that is harmful to living things
  • Animals and even human beings' can be taken away                                           Looking forward for your next research.          

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