Inquiry Question: How can we use effective research and studying to build a successful life?

Hello B-Effectors! Welcome to reading this introduction post! 

This could possibly be my last research series. That means, this might be the final Inquiry Question post I will have!

The reason for doing this question is that I am going to be graduating and many of you are in school too! You can relate, and apply this final pieces of information I will uncover in this series. 

Inquiry QuestionHow can we use effective research and studying to build a successful life? 

At a glance, you could question why did I add the "to build a successful life" in my question. I have found that we become the things we do before it. Which means school shapes our life and future. This inquiry branches into two questions I will dive into: 
>How to effectively research and study
>How this can or cannot set up a successful future 

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Got thoughts, ideas, opinions or something to say? Type away below and i'll be sure to see them (and typically reply to them in my next post!)   

See you in the project plan


My codes in titles: 
S: stands for "Series" which is unique to each question. 
Cycle: Each consists rounds (posts) of research that ends. Question may change every cycle, or be continued from previous cycle. (About 4 cycles per school year) 
Round [of research]: Individual posts in a research cycle. Sometimes denoted as "R" 

Original Post

Hey Jim, 

I believe this is great inquiry question to conclude with (if this happens to be your last cycle) because it explains how Butterfly Effect has helped you build your skills and will help you become successful in life. You can include research but also I think the very last round could benefit as you opinion. It's almost like leaving your legacy behind considering you have been a huge part of Butterfly effect and will be leaving a positive impact on us. Anyways enough with the sad goodbyes, I'm looking forward to reading your research and discovering the keys to success.

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