Inquiry Question: How can anger be transformed to become a positive emotion?

Hello all! Welcome to reading this introductory post of my question! 

Inquiry Question: How can anger transform to become a positive emotion? 

The brief idea basically is to explore the idea of emotions that everyone experiences in life. Specifically this will be the negative emotion: Anger which can be not great at different levels. I hope to compile and discover new information to share and learn with everyone and to answer this question to the best of my ability at the end! 

Got thoughts, ideas, opinions or something to say? Type away below and i'll be sure to see them (and typically reply to them in my next post!)   

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My codes in titles: 
S: stands for "Series" which is attached to each new inquiry question. 
Cycle: Each consists around 5 rounds (posts) of research. Question may change every cycle, or be continued from previous cycle. (About 4 cycles per school year) 
Round [of research]: Individual posts in a research cycle. Sometimes denoted as "R" 

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