Inquiry Question #2 - How is education connected to intelligence and success?

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For my second inquiry project of this school year, I decided to investigate the connection between intelligence and education. As a result, my question is: "How is education connected to intelligence and success?". Intelligence and success are both challenging areas to study and are both intriguing topics. This is because that they can be defined and measured in various ways. What got me hooked on this subject was when my Français 9 class was reading this true story about a teenager named William Kamkwamba. His dream was to power his village with technology. When he was younger, he was kicked out of school when he couldn't pay $80 in school fees. However, that hadn’t stopped his passions and dreams. When his village has faced one of worst droughts in years, he wanted to do something to help and change things. What he wanted to do was to build a windmill to make electricity. Kamkwamba didn’t have much of an education; however, what he did have was a book. With it, the 14-year-old teenager had taught himself to build windmills and successfully obtained his goal. I believe his story to be inspiring. If you wanted to read more about him, click the link below! However, a question that I asked myself, after reflecting on this memory, is the connection between and intelligence. There are many topics I am super excited to investigate. These subjects range from education availability, genetics and the different types of intelligences. Nonetheless, I will be soon posting my project plan. 

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Here is the link on William Kamkwamba: .

Feel free to leave any suggestions on what I could do during my research rounds, all are appreciated! 

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Hey @Alison Wu (Charles Best)

This is a really cool question to look into. We all can relate to a degree with this topic as everyone is in the education system. Really, intelligence and success are really hard to measure and are very subjective as in what is classified intelligence or successful. Perhaps a suggestion that could help you in these research rounds is to look at the results of what education does. Looking upon qualitative aspects such as passing rates, survey and confidence checks, statistics from BC Ministry of Education.

I had researched a topic similar to this and looking into other education systems and their information that are accessible could help. This would definitely really help you to get an interesting perspective of how education is connected with different countries looked upon. Listed below is the sites of those statistics. 

  1. USA
  3. Singapore
  4. Singapore
  5. BC Canada

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