Hey  my fellow folks!Today my topic is about importance of Indian railway .Railways and Roadways are the only means of transportation over land.Railways have merits over roadways that,they can  carry a large number of passengers as well as heavy loads to a long distances.Also the journey by a train is not tiresome compared to roadways.The train transport is more comfortable and economical.

India has  a large network of railways throughout the country ,and have trains from one corner to other corner of India .The total length of railway tracks is about  63,000 km, with  7,800 trains carrying;imagine 11 million passengers to their destinations everyday.It also transport about  6 lac tonnes  of goods from one place to another everyday.

The first train in India has been ran in 1853,between Bombay and Thane district at a distance of 34 km .The Indian Railway have divided into nine zones.They are;

  • Viz Northern
  • Western.
  • Eastern
  • Central
  • Southern
  • South-Eastern
  • North-Eastern
  • North -East frontier
  • South-Central

These all division have three types of tracks.They include;

  • Broad Gauge
  • Meter Gauge
  • Narrow Gauge

Passengers trains are again categorized into four types,as per the speed of trains.They include;

  • Super fast trains
  • Express trains
  • Ordinary passenger trains
  • Mail trains

Delhi serves a national capital of India,it requires a staggeringly railway transportation  with best facilities.There are total five main railway stations at Delhi,and all of them are providing good facilities both for passengers and goods transportation.


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Wow! Another great post! I can see that you put a lot of effort into it. I like how you are looking into railways and trains. The reality is that our society is quite dependent on this mode of transportation. It’s all for the good reasons. As you mentioned, they can easily carry many passengers and heavy loads for long distances. I find that very few really realize that. I also found it intriguing how you compared railways to roadways. Great analysis! It’s true that train transport can be more comfortable and economical. Furthermore, I also enjoyed how you divided up your information to the nine zones, the types of tracks and trains. The bullet points made your post easy to read. Moreover, I like how you linked your resources. This is because it makes it easier for the readers to trace back your information if they are interested in reading more. 

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I know that your research is primarily centered around transportation; however, I was wondering if you’d be interested in investigating the effects of using these modes. Which one saves more fuel? Which one is the most used around the world? It’d be a great way to wrap up your beautiful research. You may also want to search the overall history of transportation and what would occur if given modes didn’t exist.  


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