Hi guys! My research project is on immigration issues and possible solutions to these problems. Initially, my research consisted of comparing the different perspectives on immigration from my community at Madison East High and the students from Malek and Sweetwaters. I found that the opinions varied based on who the group of immigrants was. Some groups received little to no sympathy whereas others did. This sparked curiosity in me, with immigration being a global matter, how can we improve the treatment of immigrants and work to be more understanding of others situations? 

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Hey Erika, 

Great idea for an inquiry question! Immigration has many different issues and I like how you plan to compare immigration in your hometown and Sweetwater. It gives your question that personal perspective that I think can benefit the reader. something interesting that could help your research is looking into the process of immigration. Is it harder to get accepted into US or Kenya? Is the process somewhat similar in both countries, what makes them different? Overall, I think this is a very important and interesting question that I look forward to reading about. Here are some links on the immigration process in US and Kenya.

Hey Erika!

I love your research topic! Being the child of two immigrant parents, I find your research fascinating and I can't wait to see what you come up with. You touched a little on this in your post, but something that may be interesting to look into is how immigrants coming from different countries are treated differently upon their arrival and/or their transition in their new country. For example, someone immigrating from the UK, for example, may have an easier time being accepted into a community than an immigrant/refugee from Syria. 

Here are some potential sources for your upcoming research:


Good luck! I can't wait to read what you come up with next. 

Hello Arika, A good research your working on! Immigration issues are actually so many,both positive and negative.iit would be more better if research on both negative and positive issues widely.A,m also prattling on different cultures and beliefs which is similar to your research.perhaps you can follow me up and actually get some ideas on how to work on immigration issues. maybe these may also help you: All the best!

Hi Erika,

I like your inquiry topic about  immigrant,this is quit revolving around us.This is actually my top moment time when we pace home,though negative factors will follow i like the positive one, because they are major.Here are some sites i find important for you;


Great round research.

Hi Erika, 

Great topic to choose to look into. I can tell you seem very passionate and interested in this question. You could possibly start by seeing where these immigrants are coming from. Why are they leaving to go there? While comparing the two communities you are looking at, check for similarities and differences, and what's causing those things to be the same or different!

Good luck!

Possible sources:

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