Hello guys am back again ,I have searched  on how the destruction of the ozone can be prevented and i have  found out that ozone is our protector against sun with it`s harmful UV radiation .If it was not  the ozone layer our earth would be barren. The main reason for destruction is man-made halo carbon refrigerants.but we prevent ozone depletion by;        

  1. Limiting vehicle driving
  2. Use of friendly household cleaning products
  3. Avoid use of pesticides
  4. Developing stringent  regulations of rocket launches
  5. Banning use of dangerous nitro-us oxide

Also i have searched on how to preserve ozone layer is by;


  1. Reducing use of heat
  2. Avoid use of aerosol sprays
  3. Avoiding buying insulating materials
  4. Keep clean the air conditions
  5. Avoid use of insulating materials
  6. Buying gadgets and bulbs for energy serving
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