How solar radiation damage the skin.

Hello everyone today I will be looking at how the skin can be damaged by solar radiation.

Short term effects of skin exposures to ultraviolet radiation,particularly to UVB include surnbird,which is most intense 24hours later repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation to obtain a deeper tan causes the epidermis to thicken which results to skin feeling dry.

Exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation can aggravate certain skin diseases and when combined with some commonly used medicine and chemicals,can cause the skin to react abnormally to light.It can also affect the immune system,and this may play a role  in skin cancer and some infectious diseases.

Long term effects of skin exposures to ultraviolet radiation include skin cancers and  photoageing.                                                                                     Ultraviolet radiation can cause two types of skin cancers namely;             s              1.Non-melanoma skin cancers  and squamous cell carcinoma from the great  majority of  skin cancers and solar exposures is the main factor in the development.                                                                                                                               2.Melanoma skin cancer is much less common than non-melanoma skin cancers,but it is the main cause of death from skin cancers

Exposure of the skin to UV radiation also results in photoageing, which is characterized by the skin becoming loose,wrinkled and with flat brown spots.

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Hey Moses, A nice topic you have about solar radiation effects on the skin. Sunlight is important to the evolution of life on the earth . However, all humans – especially individuals who are lightly pigmented or whose occupation or lifestyle exposes them to excessive amounts of sunlight – are potentially susceptible to its effects. These effects can range from acute biological responses, such as sunburn and skin tanning, to conditions resulting from chronic exposure such as photo aged skin and potentially life-threatening conditions such as skin cancer. hoping that the following links will help you on your next topic.Anyway nice topic and looking forward on your next research.wavey

I dont know what happened here but I did a burn and got this rreply and thought it is much better with you than me. i really like your work and will be following you on it.

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