how society has affected fashion?

I will be looking at , the way average clothes looked from 1960 to now 2017 and those differences. Fashion in the 1960s compared to now is very different ,we have crop tops and tiny shorts when they had unisex jeans.

Mod refuses to modern clothes that come from the 1960s in London. These fashions quickly spread to Canada and the us. All of this was based around London's thriving pop music art and fashion sense, mod fashion was based all around innovation and new. Mod fashion was a 1 up from the 1950’s pastels and expensive prices these clothes were bright, bold, new, fashionable, cool, mass produced and cheap way cheaper than before.

For now there isn't a main colour that is usually worn because there is a lot of individuality in this day and age. But there is still things that are in style like if you want to be cool you were this outfit just like kylie Jenner or another famous person.

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Some fashion icons that are from the 1960’s are supermodel Leslie Hornby also known as twiggy because of her thin figure was a  fashion icon to so many young girls because of her boyish hair cut and beautiful stick figure she was on so many major magazine covers. The next icon is movie star Audrey Hepburn she wore flat shoes and 3 quarter length pants and black dresses which many women copied world wide. The next icon is Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of US President John F. Kennedy became widely known because of her elegance and style after her many public appearances the pearl necklace the flat hat and large button up suits all became popular.

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Today some of the big fashion icons are Emily Ratajkowski, daisy ridley, Bella hadid, lily-rose Depp, brie Larson

Emily-already a well known name in the fashion scene she is a star that is just going to keep growing larger and brighter.

Daisy- the actress from the new star wars can rock Chloe with cred get used to this new red carpet face.

Bella-the sharper edgier younger sister of the well known Gigi hadid has stepped into the fashion game and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon

Lily-rose - the daughter of Vanessa paradis and johnny Depp has become an instant regular seen in Chanel, and her first film hasn't hit theaters yet you will be seeing a lot more of her.

Brie- this actress has Oscar buzz and a host of louis Vuitton, making her primed to align with bigger brands in the near future.

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Hi Ellen, I think this is a very interesting topic and you have explained well how the popular people have affected fashion. In my opinion, I would look into different countries fashion because Asian fashion is very different from European fashion. It's just my opinion, but I think it would be interesting to look into different countries. Here is a YouTube video that explains the fashion trends over 100 years and it explains some reasons why that fashion trend happened.


Hi Ellen,

It's interesting how you mentioned famous fashion icons in this day of age, and how people like Kylie Jenner can shape the fashion industry. My worry is that many of these fashion icons are barely in their 20's, for example Bella is 20 and Kylie is 19 but gained attention at a very early age, because of their young age but highly provocative fashion such as body con dresses and cropped shorts, etc. could they be influencing young girls in their teens to dress too mature for their age, and less appropriate for an environment like school? Just a thought!

Keep up it the good research!

Hey Ellen!

This research is so interesting as fashion is such a huge part of our society today! Something that could be interesting for you to look at could be how styles come back around. For example, oversized jean jackets were in style in the 70s-80s, and now they are back and super popular again. Why is that? Why are trends that were once deemed uncool suddenly ultra cool (ex. mom jeans)? 

Here's a link that might help you:

I can't wait to read future posts!

Wow Elen! Your post is so exciting! As a person who know nothing about fashion, I find it very fascinating that we can pin point particular people to represent the fusion trend in a time period. I am wondering what make those people become the ones the general public admire and follow. Is it truly because of their new and "fashionable" style? Or is it because of their fame? Do the big fashion icons choose the style they are known for? or they were told what their style should be known for?

Hey Ellen

This is a super cool, its nice to see a different style of question! Especially because this is a topic that influences most people daily. 

Heres a series of videos that show hairstyles and wardrobe throughout the decades (you may have already seen it) but I find it super interesting.

They have many more videos 

Hello Ellen

I have found your topic very mush interesting.Fashion is now acknowledged in our generation.It has extremely changed from the past genaration.Though it has changed,according to my view some are attracting while some are very shameful.I think it will be good if you look at different mode of dressing in different occasions and countries.

Also in cultures.Here is a link to help you.

Good luck.


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