How is technology taking away jobs in many field of work.

Hello everyone ,it has been for a while since my last post and am back on my project on technology and today am going to look at how is technology taking away jobs in different field,

The loss of job through technology is known as a technological unemployment ,and of which is an effect to global .Like nowadays robots carry out all task this lead to few human being employed to carry out maintenance.

First i will look at what kind of job are taken over by technology,and this are;

  • Cashier

Cashiers have been replaced by machines, which contribute joblessness.

  • Drivers

The self driving cars due to technology evolution ,which is taking over human job at rapid is thought to reduce human errors.Self driving cars are being used more in  replacing transportation jobs

  • Receptionist

In reception field they are being replaced by Ipad,Appwatch and smartphones  meanwhile leading to the risk of losing job in big percentage.


  • Line cook


In line cook, robot have taken  part in kitchen and does everything a real chef can do.such as serving food fast,cooking and also washing dishes.


  • Bank tellers


Technology is rapidly taking over  bank tellers through the inventions of the ATM which lead to decline of bank teller jobs.And the ATMs replaces some of this workers.


  • Stock room,packing and warehouse moving.


In this field robot are replacing the job of moving the asset,and replacing job of the workers .


  • reporters


Software are replacing the reporters job by writing  and gathering information.

In conclusion technology is taking away jobs either through robot or computer which replace human being,in various areas of work which is affecting the rate of employment.


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Technology! Is an entity I have heard everyone want to embrace in their system, education based or work based. I was in a conference concerning advancement of technology and tell you what, something popped out, the advancement of technology in relation to employment. Automation of manufacturing industries has become a national agenda in many countries. For instance, in the site below, you will find that introduction of internet led to loss of 500000 jobs within 15 years of its introduction. Before you draw a conclusion, internet created 1.2 million jobs in the same span of time. Using the above concept, maybe advancement of technology is the cause of loss of jobs and at the same time, a prime job creator.

Hi Nasib,

A nice topic you have on how technology is taking away jobs,Losing a job is one of life’s major stresses and can actually lead to serious health issues.Along with the increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and more, losing your job can have additional negative consequences. According to my understanding, if technology is taking away jobs, then its the only solution we can use so as retain them. Good research and looking forward to your next topic.

Hi Nasib,

     About technology taking over mans' job is one of the  major reasons why many pple hve been affected by poverty since there is no where to earn therefore cannot provide a daily bread on the table.Since there is no employment b,coz machines hve taken it all,man turns to nowhere therefore engàging in theft issues and other criminal crises to satisfy his tammy.It's such a nice topic that you have researched on.

   I will be expecting much from you .Good luck.

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