How have experience, background, culture, family, place impacted who you are today?

Hey everyone, 

Today was a very interesting class because I got the opportunity to reflect on my culture and past experiences, and understand their impact on shaping who I am today.  

My culture is all about having a big, warm family. We frequently go to visit my relatives on the other side of the globe and it has taught me the importance of family, as well as shaped me into a respectful person. Also, music is the key experience in my life that has also showed me the importance of family, since the instrument is the fundament of bringing people together. Today, I am someone who enjoys the company of others and I prefer to be in a small group of people I love and trust. Finally, travelling may be the greatest thing that has molded my values and perspectives on the world. After visiting different places and experimenting different cultures that have other beliefs and traditions than mine, my view on the world is completely changed. I believe that I am more of an open-minded and thoughtful person because of this.

I believe that there are many things in our lives that can contribute to shaping our personalities and our morals. Personally, my family and my experiences in travel is what makes me who I am.

Throughout my entire life, many things have come to define who I am today. The past dictates the future, and that is a concept that applies to everything in this universe. When it comes down to me though, there have definitely been some life events which have made me who I am.


The first thing that comes to mind is travelling. At a very young age, my parents decided to move our family to France. I lived there very happily for 7 years of my life. Throughout those years, I went on countless trips all through Europe. I’ve been to France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Those are just the countries I visited in Europe and some even lived in( I lived in Switzerland for a year). Throughout all the years of my life, I have absorbed new languages, cultures and ways of living. Travel is a major part of who I am, and plan to incorporate it in my future to keep expanding my knowledge of the world.


Let’s talk now about family. As with most people, family has a huge impact on the way you are. They live with you, raise you, do things with you, annoy you. All things that shape the way you are today. I’m very fortunate to say that I have a healthy relationship with all my family. Which is for sure something that has made me a better person today.


The places that I have been, and the people I have been with, I would say have had the biggest impact on me. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact causes for why I am the way I am, but I think I’ve hit the main reasons. So ya, thats me and how I became me.

Hey everyone!

This is something I actually think about a lot. I always wonder what are the factors that make me who I am today. I've narrowed it down to three things. The first (and in my opinion, the most impactful) is my family. Second is definitely the new relationships I've created with others while travelling and third would be the culture of my heritage. 

Stepping into the first factor, my family (specifically my parents) have had a tremendous role of shaping me into who I am today. They constantly guide me in the right direction and I believe that it is because of them that I am motivated and ambitious. Because of the tenacity and courage my parents had to leave their motherland and immigrate to Canada, I am able to have such amazing learning opportunities in such a beautiful and safe country. I never want to take for granted what they did for me and our family and they have always taught me to stay determined and hard-working. I am very close with both my mother and father; consequently, they often give me great advice that I also believe shaped me into the person I am today. One thing my mom says that really resonates with me is "You must work hard now in order to be able to rest easily later." I always think of this whenever school starts to become overwhelming and stressful.

The second factor is the new relationships I've made while traveling and living in other countries. Over the years, I have switched schools about five times and I also lived in California for about five years. Because of these experiences, it has become very easy for me to adapt to new environments and come out of my introverted shell. I believe that this has greatly affected who I am. In addition, travelling is a big priority in my family. Just last summer, I was lucky enough to go on an amazing trip to Spain where I reunited with many of aunts, uncles and I even got to meet some new cousins! On this trip, I learned so much about myself and it was amazing to be able to connect with family members I don't get to see as often.

Lastly, I believe my Persian culture has had a big role on molding me into who I am today. Culture is definitely very important in my household. From speaking Farsi to taking part in customary traditions/celebrations, we always make sure to participate. Although I've only visited a few times, I feel very connected to Iran and I am very proud to be Persian and Kurdish. 

In sum, the places I go, the people I meet, my family and my heritage are the factors that have affected me and shaped me the most. I am very grateful to have the opportunities that I have and I wonder how I would be if I wasn't raised this way. 

Many aspects of my life have contributed to making me who I am today. A big one is my connection to the soccer community. I've grown up playing many sports, but soccer is the one I have stuck with since I was 5 years old. Having participated in many tournaments, attended tons of practices, and played many league games, I have learned how hard work and dedication can all contribute to helping improve and excel in something you want to be great at. This has also taught me perseverance. My commitment to soccer has shaped me and given me additional skills which I can use in my every day life, such as team building skills, leadership, and social interaction. Because of soccer, I have been able to get more involved in my community and meet new people all the time. 

Growing up in Coquitlam, in a small/local setting, has allowed me to make memories at many of the places that I have continually visited, such as Mundy Park, Blue Mountain, the coquitlam crunch and many more. Through doing these activities with friends and family in my community, I have learned how important it is to make connections with others. 

Another great aspect of my life, is my connection to my church, All Saints Parish. From grade 1-7, I attended prep class on Thursday nights as a part of building my faith and receiving the special sacraments like my first holy communion, and my confirmation. My confirmation in grade 7 consisted of me choosing a sponsor and giving back to my community, where I chose to base my project off helping people in a seniors home. Through my faith and religion, I have learned the importance of giving back to others and the community, and how important it is to bring the community together. This has impacted how I view the community and how I interact with it today. 

Hey Butterfly Effect,

There are many different factors that have shaped me into the person I am today, but I feel my main influence was my family. My parents have always been very supportive in my decisions with friends, school and sports. Not to mention, I believe being an only child has given me a different perspective on my life since I see how others with sibling’s lives are different than my own. Throughout my life, my parents encouraged me to be more extroverted and to put myself out there since I love to be around people. My extended family has also greatly impacted who I am because they are all substantially older than me, but I felt like I am treated as an adult instead of a young child. Overall, my family always will have a large part of me because without them, some of my choices wouldn’t have lead me down the same successful path.

Another factor that has created the person I am today is figure skating and golf. Before I took up golf as a sport, I used to be a competitive figure skater but after suffering my concussion I decided to take up a new hobby while I recovered. I ended up returning to skating after a period of time, but my passion for golf overtook my desire to skate. I think this change in sport affect my life because my concussion is something I will never forgot and my ability to push through it showed my resilience. I went from a close group of skating friends into a whole new world of golf where most girls have been playing since they were little. This major change in my life demonstrated my skills to adapt and to make the most of the situation when one sport doesn’t work out.

Lastly, I do have some Asain culture in my life from my mother’s side, but it isn’t a large part of myself. My mom really embraces the culture by speaking Cantonese with my grandpa and following traditions, but I found it’s hasn’t been passed down to myself. Taking part in Chinese New Year and large celebrations has shown me the importance in taking part in your culture and your connection to your family.

To conclude, my supportive family, my change in from figure skating to golf and my Asian culture has made me who I am today.

I believe there have been many factors in my life that have contributed to making me into the person I am today. 

I’ve lived with a cat ever since I was born, and while one might not think that would greatly impact someone’s life, I think it has for mine, and in more than one way. For one, it’s taught me to be compassionate about animals, so I donate to BC SPCA. Also because of this, I want to become a veterinarian in the future, so I try my very best to do well in science class. Furthermore, I would say that it is my love of cats that made me a book worm and someone who loves to draw, because I first became passionate about reading when I read the book series called Warrior Cats, and I became a decent drawer by drawing hundreds and hundreds of cats with my friends at lunch everyday when we were younger.

In my family, I am the youngest of three children, my sister being 8 years older than me, and my brother being 10 years older than me. I think it's normal for children to look up to those older than them, so my older siblings would have clearly been a big influence on me. Not only do they affect simple things in life such as my taste in music (I tend like the same music they listened to as a teenager), but because they are so many years older than me and are experiencing certain stages of their life sooner than me, I can learn from both their mistakes and their successes.  

Another influence in my family is from my parents. In addition to cats making me want to become a veterinarian, it is also because of my mother, who is a veterinary technician, that I also want to take care of animals. Moreover, my dad teaches physics at Douglas College. Therefore, he's always teaching me how things work, like the physics behind cameras for example, and he's made me into a bit of a photographer like he is. He's also amazing at math, and whenever I'm struggling with a math question, he always explains it in a way that makes me understand the concept more, rather than just always telling me how to do it for that specific question. As a result, I find the ideas in math less complex when he explains it, and when I understand things, it actually becomes enjoyable. Consequently, I'm that kind of person who does math on Khan Academy over the summer just because I think it's fun.  

In terms of culture and background, my family comes from so many different countries that we don't really practice any traditions from our culture, besides holidays like Christmas and Easter. My family's Christian, and I have been baptised, but we only ever go to church when we're at Shuswap because my grandparents live in that area, and it makes my grandma extremely happy when I go to church with her. 

If I could, I would ramble on forever, but I think I should stop here. Like I said, there are so many factors that have impacted my life, and I could go on forever talking about how I've become the person I am today. 

  There’re many factors which impact who I am today. When I think of myself, the first word I would tag is ‘rebel’. The characteristic is followed by my dad, someone who does not like obeying rules. Unlike other children, I never went to school when there were party-speeches because my dad did not like such a thing. While I was in elementary school, I began to read some professional social-study books, for I do not enjoy these story books which my teacher forced me to read, and to read something which is hard to understand is the way to show my disagreement. If someone considered me as a ‘special’ girl, I would be super happy at that age. And I do think the childhood like this helped me find angles to look at the world, at least, I could recognize critical thinking which is hard to learn in the school.
  When I stepped into the middle school, I showed a very radical attitude. I cannot listen or try to understand any point of views if there’s are different from mine. So basically, at that time, I had a lot of conflicts with friends, the most common words they used to describe me is ‘over-bearing’. It took me a long time to figure out what was going wrong, and at that time, I recorded down everything that I was struggling with. Look back, I thought this period makes me know how I should treat others with respect.
  Now, I’m in the secondary school, compared to the period in elementary school, I do not read books as much as before; compared to to the middle school, I communicated with others in a more proper way. I lost some advantages, but I also grew up a little bit. Hope I can be better in the future.

There are so many different thing that influence who you are. Everyone is raised differently with different cultures, backgrounds, families, etc. 

For me personally, I've never really noticed certain things that actually have contributed to who I am today. But one of the biggest things is probably place. I've grown up in Coquitlam my whole life; I lived in 2 different houses. The first until I was about 8 or 9 and the second until present time. I think this had a huge influence on my life because the houses were decently far apart from eachother and since I was so young at the time, I remember I was very upset because I would have to change schools. I remember trying to beg my parents if I could stay at my school and they encouraged me to be more social and change but I was a stubborn child so I didn't change my mind. I ended up staying at my school and I remember I was very happy that I could stay mainly because I didn't have to leave my friends. To this day, I still wonder if my life would be any different if I had changed. I still would have gone to the same middle school and high school, just a different elementary school for only a few years so I wonder if it would have actually made a big difference in my life.

I think another big thing is who you surround yourself with, so your family and friends. If you've had a friend that you've known your whole life and grew up together, I think you both would have a significant influence on each other's lives. I have friends that I've known for years and we've never really grown apart and have always been good friends. It's so fascinating what a difference the people you are friends with has on your life. When I came to high school, I made friends with people I never thought I would ever be friends with, and becoming good friends with new people has definitely had an impact on my life. 

There are many different factors that influence who you are and I always think about what my life would be like if a certain thing didn't happen because even the smallest things would change your life. 

Hello everyone! 

Interestingly enough, this week's super busy schedule actually allowed me to think of other things to think about for this topic! One word that branched off from just family and people and events that happened which shaped me, was "stress". 

Stress: I thought that not only friends and people can shape you but things such as this can do too! But in many more ways than one, stress can bend me to break or succeed! However, going deeply into this would be how i go about doing it. What is my reaction for example. Either i can frantically do what i can to do my test or calmly assess and not lose any hair in the process to do that test later. Both same result, the process is just slightly different that overall has a better or worse outcome. 

Family: Of course the family i grow up in forms the person i am today. This is through discipline or other methods such as habits and activities. You can come to love, or dislike parents but importantly the things they may teach to you. Depending on person, for me i learn what i can from my parents. Most, the right ones, they will never try to steer you wrong. They want the best which is expressed in different ways. The idea is to know how to communicate this success. And that alone, finding a solution is also what can shape me. The culture, asian, influences how i speak, what i know and my values are. Greatly. 

One huge influence in my life is what i eat every day. Diet. 

To what i was born in, i am already a vegetarian. Now i dont even mind being one so from the very start, i was on a vegetarian diet. 

Others: The two above is just a point to make how i am shaped to who i am today. My family plays a big role as well as everyone around me. Different situations also do the same job. There are multiple factors that has built the person i am today. I think its important to recognize these parts of you to know where you started so you do not repeat some of them. Going back to the roots is key to growth to some extent. 


There are many different things that make me the person I am today, including my family, school and soccer, religion, and home  

From an early age, my family has instilled values in me, such as the importance of equality and generosity. Because of this, I have always been interested in charity work and making a difference in the world.  As we are a large and very close-knit family, they have always been a big part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without them. 

Going to school has also made me the person I am today. My family also places great importance on education, and as a result, I learned to as well. Through school, I learned hard work and gained knowledge, and continue to gain more knowledge. 

Since grade seven, I have been playing soccer. It has become a regular part of my life, and through this sport, I learned teamwork. I also learned perseverance, as I had to try out several times before making the team I wanted to be on. 

Another thing that has really shaped me and is a big part of my life is my religion. Ever since I was little, I was a volunteer within my religious community, and am now a young volunteer leader. Volunteering taught me the importance of doing good without expecting something in return, giving back to the community, and helping those in need. My faith has always given me a sense of comfort, and I know I always have somewhere to turn. 

Also, the place I grew up, Coquitlam, has shaped me to be who I am. Here, I met my friends, and discovered (and continue to discover) more about myself each day. Some of my best memories are from this city where I grew up, this place that I am lucky to call home. 

All of my experiences have shaped me to be the person I am. 

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