How Has Fashion Evolved?

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Short and sweet, awesome! Jokes aside, this is an interesting inquiry question to look at! There was a post remember looking at where the girls fashion through the years has changed but the guys since like, the 1920s has not changed since. Its the basic tie suit dress shoe style with slight variations. I found that pretty amusing to some extent!

I remember the past being on here the fashion topic has shown up. I hope this list helps! Take a look at their works, they might have information that could help!

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Hey Arin, 

I love that you choose a topic (fashion) that you are very passionate about. When students pick inquiry questions that they have a deep interest in, it shows within their posts. Evolution and fashion are both very broad topics that could go many different directions perhaps selecting a more specific topic such as wedding attire or trends through out the decades could be a way to narrow it down. If you happened to choose wedding attire your for each round of research, you could split the decades into 3 rounds and investigate "What did the bride and groom wear?", "Why was this style popular during that time period?" and "What influenced the change in attire?" (for the transitions between decades). Anyways, I'm looking forward to your upcoming project plan and here are some links on fashion through out the decades to maybe help you pick a specific topic.


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