How drugs can affect your social life

 Hello every today I will be looking at the effect of illegal drugs to our social life.Many people use drugs for various reason and after using them there is some impact that result. 


Drugs use almost every part of person’s life.It start from addiction ,bad behaviors and can  also be deadly.Drugs also isn't beneficial it can be dangerous both to the people using them ,the one you love and also those you care about. 

People abuse drugs for various reasons:

  • To make themselves feel good.
  • To escape their stressful truth.
  • peer pressure etc.

Because some drugs take away self-consciousness , drug abusers may believe the drug makes them more funnier. They may feel safe and take dangerous risks with their lives and the lives of others.Initially drugs may provide pleasure and feelings of happiness.

Drugs cause physical changes in the brain that affect judgment, decision making and behavior control. Therefore, many relationship changes that occur due to drug abuse are unexpected.Drugs are risky and dangerous they can affect family and social lives.

The social Impact of Drugs on Friends

Drugs are very dangerous they can destroy  relationship.Drugs become neurotic, suspicious and violent and that why they  destroy relationship.

The new relationship can be formed after the old relationship is over leading to negative activities. Spending time and making decisions with these new friends does not mean  treatment and recovery. It is a path towards more drug use and more illegal drug use. This can also lead to stealing and other illegal activities to support the routine.

Thing that will lead to social impact of drugs are poor decision making leading to in humanity and  can also lead to early pregnancies.Unprotected sex and use of dirty needles can lead to infectious diseases.

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Hi Claire!

Great post! I just finished my last cycle which was about drug use and society, so it was really interesting to read someone's else's post on drugs from another perspective. I admire how you chose specifically to look into how drugs can affect someone's social life. Obviously, there are many negative long-term effects of taking drugs. However, I do believe that it is worth looking into the short-term 'positive' effects of drugs. It can make someone feel accepted into a group as peer pressure is another possible reason why someone would want to use drugs. Just something to think about!

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

Good job and good luck!

Hello Njeri,,,

Cool research on the impact of drugs to one's social life.what I have learnt is that some people take drugs for fun others take drugs to free themselves from stress.Sometimes people think that if they take drugs they will be more happy or funnier.Friendships are also affected. Old friends can be get rid of for the “new” friends that share their drug addiction. Who they socialize with and what life decisions they make are all impacted by their addiction.

Am looking forward for your next post!Awesome research

Hi Claire!

I like how you researched what drugs do to  an individual and why that person would even consider taking drugs. But if you wondered why addiction happens and why drugs have a major negative effect on the person, maybe you’d like to look into the scientific part of what drugs do to the brain. If so, take a look at these articles:


But I personally think that younger people now don’t abuse drugs as much as their parents or grandparents would of. That could be because of the heavy marketing against drug abuse. If you’d like to look into that here’s a few links.


Go to page 17 for that one ^

That’s all I got for ya. Great research, keep it up! 


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