Hey every I have come with another research on how drugs affect teens .Hope you  will learn something .

Teenagers experiment with a variety of activities and substances leading to substance abuse and addiction. Statistics show that cocaine, Ecstasy and other club drugs, are the top six most abused drugs by teens. marijuana (31.5%), Vicodin (9.7%), amphetamines (8.1%), cough medicine (6.9%), sedatives & tranquilizers (6.6% each). Without treatment drug abuse on teens can lead to serious consequences now and well into adulthood.

Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

There are many symptoms of drug abuse, but some of the most usual signs  teen are abusing drugs are:

* Problems with the law; breaking curfew, stealing, etc.

* Problems at school, such ask excessive delays, poor grades, suspension, etc.

* Mood less

* Loss of interest in favorite activities

* Violent behavior

* Withdrawal

* Depression

* Poor hygiene

Teens who abuse drugs are at risk for negative consequences. Teens who abuse drugs are more likely to struggle with addiction later in life and have brain damage. Some other frequent negative effects of teen drug abuse are:

* Emotional problems. Drug abuse can cause or mask emotional problems such as  depression, mood swings and  suicidal thoughts.Drug use can also increase the tenderness of these emotional problems.Examples is teens who use marijuana twice a week is at risk in depression and anxiety.

* Behavioral problems. Teens who abuse drugs have an increased risk of social problems. According to a recent research teens who abuse drugs are more likely than teens who don’t abuse drugs to engage in  criminal behaviors such as fighting and stealing.

* Risky sex.Teens that use drugs are also more likely to have unprotected sex and have sex with a stranger leading to higher risks of STD and  teen pregnancy.

* Learning problems. Drug abuse damages memory and can lead to problems with learning and memory later in life.

* Diseases. Teens who abuse drugs with needles increase their chances of blood-borne diseases like HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis.

* Brain damage. Drug abuse among teens can result in serious mental disorders or even damage to the brain .Brain damage among teens who abuse drugs includes brain shrinkage; impaired learning abilities; amnesia and memory problems; impaired reasoning,increased or decreased socialization; and changes in sexual desire.



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Hey Claire,

Interesting post of how drugs affect teenagers! It's upsetting to see the variety of drugs teens are getting themselves associated with due to expectations within society. I like how you identified the signs of abuse to help others recognize a teen in need of help and included the many different consequences drugs have on a person. Perhaps during your next post you could look into common drugs that are seen throughout the streets to bring awareness to their affects. By specifying a drug for a research round, you would be able to go in depth on the consequences and the exact ingredients within it. It has been common to see dealers lacing their product to make the drug deadlier than it's supposed to be in an attempt to hook their clients or end their lives. Anyways another great round on drugs and here are some links on common drugs in society. 



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