The Science of Beauty

My Objective:This project explores the scientific notion of human beauty.

Project Goals

Inquiry Questions:How your brain decides what’s beautiful

Hi everyone! I have decided to focus on the same subject but go in a different direction now They say all kinds of things about human beauty. It’s “in the eye of the beholder.” It’s “only skin deep.” “Looks don’t matter.” But cliches such as these do very little to cushion the harsh reality that how “beautiful” we think we are really means a lot to us. We’re not sure why beauty is so important. It just is. Some say beauty comes “from within”. In other words, it’s been said that people who are happy and have high self-esteem appear more beautiful to others than less happy people with a low self-image. My last question worked on those factors it worked on how people saw you now it will work on the chemicals in their head that decide what is beautiful?

  • Discover the biological factors that influence our perception of human beauty.
  • What chemicals determine human beauty?
  • Can beauty be measured objectively? If so, how? If not, why not?
  • What chemicals make us fall in love?
  • How do those chemicals get triggered?
  • What chemicals make us feel attracted to another?


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Hey Kaley,,,

I love the research on the way in which the brain can decide if something is beautiful,according to what I researched on it I found that the brain translates the information it receives from the eye into something that we can understand.

Actually for me I believe that self esteem can also make someone appear beautiful. 

Great post!good luck in the next research.


Hey Kaley, 

Intriguing question on how does our brain decide what we consider is beautiful. Your topic is very broad in the sense that beauty has a subjective opinion on the definition which allows your inquiry question to take which ever path you interpret. However, it might be beneficial to include a definition of beauty from different sources and of course your personal opinion to help the reader relate to your work. Not to mention it could be interesting to look into different kinds of beauty meaning other forms than just humans such as flowers or paintings especially when you look into if beauty can be measured objectively. Why does someone perceive a rose as the prettiest flower and not a sunflower? As you mentioned within your post, common sayings like"the eye of the beholder", "beauty is within" are frequently heard when associated with the topic of self love but how much truth is within these words. Overall a great project plan and I look forward to reading the research round. Here are some links for the future.

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