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How does the criminal justice system affect children with parents who are incarcerated?

Glass windows and metal bars holding a human soul in captivity. As the years go by the number of divorces has gone up to over 70 000 per year in Canada, showing us that separate parents and absent parents are not uncommon in our society. But switching between your mother and fathers houses per weekend is completely and utterly different than watching your own blood locked behind bars. Children raised into the world are taught by learning from example but the influence of a criminal can entirely change a child’s life. Seeing your mother and father through glass windows or monitored visits can break a kid’s heart leaving them corrupted and more susceptible to depression and other traumas in they’re future.

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Hey Sienna!

I'm truly intrigued by your question as it is something I've never thought about before. Perhaps it would be interesting to look into different situations and how the justice system deals with each case. As an example, what happens if only one parent is incarcerated? Both? What happens to the custody of the child? Hopefully, these questions will help you with your research.

Here are some potential sources for you:

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Hey Sienna,

I really enjoy that you are looking at such a specific topic! Everyone hears about how children of divorced parents are impacted so differently than those with both (or one) parent(s). I think it would be interesting if you inspected how a parent's emotions and hurt can be broadcasted onto the child and how that would impact their perspective of the other parent (the imprisoned one or the one who is not). For example, if one parent projects hatred towards the other parent, will that child take on that hatred? Additionally, you could look at how prison sentences can lead to a divorce, and how that could ruin a child.

Here are a few sites that may help you:

Good luck, I look forward to seeing what you find
-Joanna Whitter

Hey @Sienna Saunders (Charles Best)

You have me at your question. Quite the topic! There are multiple areas in the world, society and global community that affects the growth of children. This is one of them sadly We often hear about the common things such as those in media. 

I have also taken a look at your project plan. Looks pretty nice! I like the research you will look at and can't wait to see them. Mostly the perspective is the effects of children from the parent's jail time. HOWEVER~ I think it will be interesting if you check out the effects of children's effect on the jailed... 

Would it make the parent have some motivation to change? Reform? Become a better person in society? Or don't care... 

Hopefully this gov website is of use to you! As well as new articles and research:


Nice going!


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