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For this post I decided to focus on how participating in music and art therapy can impact people dealing with sicknesses.  As I was researching, I discovered that in most cases, health is described to not only be an absence of disease, but to be healthy is to be in a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being. (1) People who participate in the creative process can be happier and are less likely to experience memory loss and cognitive issues. (2,3)   

Music therapy improves symptoms in patients with Coronary Artery Disease, cancer, and anxiety. It has been known to improve heart rates, respiratory rates, stress related to the disease, control, pain, physical and psychological symptoms and can help restore emotional balance. (1) 

Visual art therapy has also been known to very positively impact patients lives. It can be a way to express emotions relating to the disease that may be difficult to communicate verbally and many patients that participated said that their art helped fill gaps in their lives that formed after a diagnsis and also helped improve positive self-identity. (1) 


The creative process is something that is important for people of all ages to experience and it can include anything you want it to! (1,2,3) Writing, drawing, dancing, playing or composing music, photography or anything else that makes you feel creative. It can be very simple, but can has very positive long term effects! (1,2,3) 


- Etta Lainchbury (LFAS) 


(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2804629/

(2) https://greatist.com/happiness...ity-makes-us-happier

(3) https://www.cnn.com/2015/04/09...zing-delay-dementia/


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Hey Etta,

I really enjoyed your research this week! I didn't know that creative processes could have such long-term, positive impacts on an individual. This poses the question: should creative courses like arts and music be required for high schools? How do creative processes impact teenagers vs children vs adults? If a student is creative during elementary school but not in high school, do they have lessened impacts? Do they face the same impacts as someone who is creative in both high school and elementary school?

I'm excited to see what you find, keep up the good work

Hi Etta!

Your research makes me feel so happy that we’re in an art school lol. It proves the point of how important creativity is for everyone. I didn’t know that being creative leads to being less likely to experience memory loss, but it actually makes sense. I mean if I am doing something I love it’s harder to forget it. On another note, people who play instruments, or piano in particular, are proven to be smarter, happier and healthier. It would be really interesting to look at how this happens. But for your topic you could look into how it “help[s] alleviate symptoms of dementia, PTSD, and stroke, by improving cognition and dexterity, and reducing stress.” I got that from this article:


Or it would also be interesting if you look into specific types of the creative process, as ballet or playing the saxophone or just doing some colouring. Here are some articles that I found on those topics if they interest you!




Good luck and I can’t wait for more research lol!

Hi Etta, 

Nice research round! Wow! You really went into depth in your round, and there was a lot of information that I took away from it! I enjoyed how you talked about how being healthy isn’t just described by an absence of disease. I find it intriguing how you say that to be healthy, you would need to be in a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being. It’s often overlooked in what “to be healthy” really means. I just recently watched a video in my Biology 12 class, and they were talking about this important concept called the flow experience. Think of a moment in your life when you were so involved in what you were doing that the rest of the world seemed to have disappeared. Your mind wasn’t wandering; you were totally focused on an activity you are doing. You were so concentrated to such an extent that you were not even aware of yourself! Psychologists call these fully absorbing experiences flow states. I believe that this is a interesting concept, I hope you will be able to integrate this in to your next rounds. It would be fascinating to see how the participation in the creative process effects our flow experience. You can learn more about this in the first website below.

See the source image

Nonetheless, I also enjoyed how you talked about different creative concepts, ranging from music therapy to visual art therapy. It demonstrates the variety in creative processes. I suggest you to also look into dance, that would a really interesting concept to investigate! I hope you also tackle the brain aspect of your inquiry question. I believe I may have mentioned this in your previous post, but creative tasks do protect neuron growth by promoting the production of new neurons which are crucial for maintaining a healthy central nervous system! The way how creative processes affect our body and mind is beautiful. 


Websites to look into: 





Good luck! 


Hi Etta, 

I am 100% agree you that creative work is benefit for emotional health. Take one of my friend as an example, he would like to write novel when he feel sad. The creative work is like a form to express/release the negative emotion (by let one focus on the work rather than the things cause negative emotion). However, I think that there might have some exception that some artists, includes singer, writer, and actor, who is doing creative work as majority, might enlarge their negative emotion. The following sources are evidence of my view, I hope this might help you on your inquiry. 




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