Hey all! My last inquiry didn't pan out the way I though it would. So instead of just dumping all of my information and research in a catch-up post, I'm starting a new inquiry. I have recently been working on a student documentary on the topic of my friends' experience with emotional abuse.

The documentary will highlight the effects of emotional abuse on teenagers. However, I would like to pursue research on the effects of emotional or psychological abuse beyond teenage-hood, as well. So, while I research the teen side of things for the documentary, I will post here what I find in studies done on adults and seniors who have lived longer, and who have developed a little bit more to find out the long term effects of what the documentary research will show.

To begin, I will be defining emotional abuse. In my research I will be looking at pieces that all mention the same specific types of abuse:

Humiliation - Degrading or shaming another person so that they lose their sense of pride, self-esteem, or self worth. ("You're too sensitive! Learn to take a joke!" or constant sarcasm, devaluing your feelings or opinions.)

Gaslighting - Manipulating someone psychologically so that they doubt their own sanity. ("You're making things up to play the victim again! You're imagining things, that never happened, you're just being dramatic." Peppered with moments of affection so that the perpetrator doesn't lose credibility in the victim's eyes.)

Domination/Control - Keeping someone constantly in check, watching them and imposing opinions or rules onto them. ("Where do you think you're going? Give me your license. Give me your phone. I don't want you to talk with those people anymore." This can be financial, social, or emotional control as well.)

Isolation - Detaching someone from other people in their life, or even making them feel alone in their own relationship with the abuser. (The silent treatment, punishing them by withholding affection and encouraging co-dependency. Alternatively "I don't want to speak to your mother ever again, and you shouldn't either." basically making them feel guilty for having other people in their life. )

Next up, the cycle of abuse! Hopefully I can delve deeper into more scientific journals, studies and articles.





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Hae Angeles.

I am much interested on you inquiry  about emotional abuse impact people through reading I have understood the types on humiliation where shaming another person because of either pride and this is what is happen in our world today..Maybe you would research more on the cause and facts about it...

here is a link:https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/effects-of-emotional-abuse..

Nice research..

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