Hi everyone, for this post I will be sharing information about how much students use technology in their everyday lives. This week I watched a movie called Screenagers. This movie explores the impact that technology and screens have on teenagers. It was filled with lots of interesting information about how much kids and teenagers use screens, as well as how technology effects them, which is what I will be talking about in my next post. One of the things that stood out to me in the movie was the amount of kids that did not have access to after school activities and how that caused them to turn to screens for entertainment. They explained how some teenage boys can spend an average of 1½ school days playing videogames per week, and many students find that they use many screens at once and may watch TV while playing a game on their phone and texting.  (1)

Before watching Screenagers, I decided to conduct a survey with some of the Grade 8’s at my school. I asked them many questions about how they use technology. I discovered that 96% of them have over 2 hours of screen time every day, and only 44% of them have rules about how much screen time they are allowed at home. 

I asked them what kinds of social media they use and found that 82% of them use Instagram, 44% use Snapchat, 12% use Facebook, 96% of them text (or any other kind of messaging), and 43% use Instagram, Snapchat and text. I also asked them which devices they use the most and found that 63% use cell phones the most. 

 When asked about videogames I found that 44% of them frequently play videogames and of that, only 19% frequently play violent videogames. 


I also wanted to find out how technology affects their activities. I asked them whether their favourite activity to do at school relied on technology and only 6% of them said yes, but when asked if their favourite after school activity relied on technology, 19% said yes. I also asked them if they find that they are easily distracted by technology and have a hard time doing homework or other activities when they need to. 56% of them found that yes, they are distracted by technology. 


Another thing that I was very curious about, was how they used their phones and other devices at school. 32% of them said that they do use their phone in class, and 44% of them think that we should be allowed our phones in class. 

 Technology has become remarkably prominent in teenagers' everyday lives. For my next post I will be researching how all of this technology affects them.


 https://www.screenagersmovie.com/ (1)


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Hi Etta, 

Wow, these are pretty shocking results. Especially since these people you surveyed are 8th graders, meaning they are probably around 13 years old. The fact that basically all of them spend over 2 hours a day on electronic devices makes me question how this will affect their development and school/sport performance, now or in the long-term. Also, I know that in many classes the use of technology is required, therefore this is another addition to the kid's screen-time, and this use can start as early as in elementary school. Since you are talking about educating kids on their use of technology and its impact, do you think it would be advantageous if we changed the use of technology in school? If we kept all work and research on paper and on books instead of staring at a screen and doing work on a laptop/tablet all day? Or, would it be more valuable to educate kids on their use at home and provide more advancements on technology use at school? 

I think that the use of technology in the classroom is a very interesting topic and it could help develop your research if you're interested! Here's a link that may help you:


Great round of research!

Hey Etta, 

Wow! The amount of research you have conducted for this research round was out of this world. Most of us find research from creditable sources to build our rounds while you took the time to survey a group of 8th graders within your school. I'm looking forward to your next round on how the amount of screen time and technology in general effects them, but I think it would be interesting to continue surveying the various grades to compare and contrast their screen time. It is believed that younger children should have less screen time than a teenager because of maturity and looser rules, but is that always the case? I think the continuation of the survey will be beneficial research but also mind-blowing for everyone. Anyways another great round of research and here are some links for your next post. 



Hi Etta,

Great round of research! I admire how you conducted your own research with students at your school, and I think the questions you asked and the results you received are extremely pertinent to your topic. Sometimes we don't even realize how big of a part technology plays in our lives, and it's interesting to see where high school students' time is spent. I think it will be really interesting to see what kinds of impacts this technology use has on students, both negatively and positively, and different ways that technology can be harnessed for good.

Here are some websites that you might find helpful:




Good luck!

Hi Etta! 

 I really liked your survey, it’s very helpful to have visuals and statistics. I was surprised and shocked by how many kids admitted they are distracted by technology, but I also was surprised by the other statistics. For example, I thought the amount of teenagers who played video games would be much higher. Maybe it’s because many video games were targeted more at our generation, as opposed to a younger generation such as the grade 8’s, so based on what I’ve seen from kids my own age, I thought the statistics would’ve been higher for younger students. 

 I definitely think technology can have a positive use in classrooms, such as in-class research. If computers are not accessible for this, I’ve found in the past that teachers would let classes use cell phones for research - although they can be distracting and have consequences. Technology in class can be a distraction, and I do not believe kids should have their cell phones out in class if they’re not necessary, but I find in many ways it enhances education as well in terms of projects, research, and even games like Kahoot.  

 In your next round, you could look at self-esteem issues as a result of social media. I think social media has caused major problems with teens self-esteem and mental heath, as well as physical health. 

 Good luck with your research! 

Hi Etta! 

Your research was very interesting and easy to read! I loved how you included graphs, and I thought that surveying grade 8s was a great idea. Personally, I think that technology does impact many people, especially teens. One of the things that affects me the most is social media, in both positive and negative ways. As Sophie previously mentioned, I think it would be very interesting to look at how social media affects teenagers. A lot of people talk about how social media can cause self esteem and mental health issues, which of course is true, but in the same time social media can do a lot of good. While I was looking for websites to link in my comment, I came across this post with some interesting things to consider. https://www.psychologytoday.co...t-middle-school-kids

That post is clearly biased, but I feel that it has some important things in it to consider, such as if social media is making teenagers less social or not. Personally, I ended up talking to a lot of people from school online for the first time and then easily been able to shift our relationship into the real world. In this post, a mom states that social media is purely entertainment and has nothing to do with preparing you for real life, but I strongly disagree. Although it can be used solely for entertainment purposes, there is a lot of information and knowledge being passed on through social media cites, not to mention that more and more businesses are using social media as a tool to succeed. I'm getting a little off topic here, but I think that maybe if teens were taught how to use all aspects of technology, including social media, to their advantage, technology could have a huge positive impact on their lives.

Here's another link that may be helpful: https://www.psycom.net/social-...a-teen-mental-health

Good luck with your research

Hey Etta

great research round.  It was really well planned and easy to read.  I appreciated your use of the diagrams because one, it helped me because i am a visual learner, but also because i think it really opens our eyes to how much, for example , 44% actually is.

It's scary to me how much kids use our phones, and how much even kids in grade 8, have become so much more codependent on them.  The number of 33% of kids who no not use their phone, meaning that 67% do is also a little scary.  With all the access to more interesting in a lot of cases, information on line it's difficult to keep kid's interested.  Therefore i really think that instead of trying to regulate it, teachers should adapt and embrace the use of technology.

I also did a similar round of research looking into this.  Here are a few links that  you might find interesting



Good Luck!

Hey Etta

Great work! There's a lot of controversy surrounding technology and screens, because as you mentioned, they are extremely distracting. However, they help us access billions of resources, so technology can be also very beneficial in school. There's a lot of pros and cons, but the reality is that we will keep on advancing tech, so it will become all-too-prevalent. There's definitely right and wrong ways to approach adopting technology as a learning tool, but education from a young age is important as phones and iPads become increasingly common for children. Good luck with your future rounds of research!

Hi Etta! 

Those are some crazy results you received from conducting the survey on eight graders. As I was reading through the results, I noticed that many of us in high school, or adolescents in general, are having the same impacts. Technology can affect the way we concentrate at school or at home, since it is almost always near us. Seeing what eight graders are struggling to cope with, such as homework distraction from their phones, it is clear there will be long term effects on this type of behaviour. Something you could look into for your next round of research would be how the child's mental health is affecting in the long run with technology, and can educating this make a positive contribution. 

Here are some sources you could use! 



Good luck!

Hi Etta!
Good job on this research round! I like how you added charts to show what you were saying, and then explained in greater depth in your paragraphs. I think that nowadays, kids are using technology from a much younger age than what we would expect, so your topic is very intriguing to me. The results of your survey was very interesting for me to read, but it did spark a few questions. For an example, did a certain gender pick one choice more than the other? It’s a common stereotype that it’s mostly boys who play video games, so it made me wonder how many of the voters in that category were boys and how many were girls. Maybe you could do another survey, but this time look at genders as well if it interests you.
Here are some websites to help you out next round:



Good luck!

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