Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I last posted, but for the next couple of months I will be gathering research about technology and kids. The essential question that I am starting with is: How does educating kids about the impact of technology affect how they use it? I am very interested in how much kids are exposed to screens and technology and how that affects their development. I have been thinking a lot about how if we know so much about technology, why we still continue to use it so much. I am interested in finding out how kids respond to information. I have some prior knowledge surrounding this topic. I know that access to technology has changed rapidly over recent years and that the technology that many kids choose most has changed (television to iPad, tablets, and phones). I also know that using technology will eventually have a major impact on people's lives. One of my main goals for my research is to gather information in a variety of ways. I want to conduct surveys with students and possibly teachers, watch videos, read interviews with people who are knowledgable in the topic, as well as more traditional methods of research. To begin my research, I am going to conduct a survey with students before they watch a film about the impact of the digital age on children and with the same students, I will do another survey after to see if they have taken any of the information they learned and applied it to their technology use. I also plan to see the movie myself and use that as a resource. A challenge that I expect to have when researching this topic is that I will probably have to decipher between information that is opinion based and biased and information that is reliable and fact based.  

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 Hi Etta! 

 This is an interesting topic, as the use of technology is obviously relevant in our society. I think it's really cool that you're conducting surveys as part of your research, because getting the information from kids first hand will definitely show you some effects the film has had on them. 

 I was wondering, what age of students do you plan to conduct the survey among? Maybe it would be interesting to compare the answers of, say, grade fours with grade sevens? Or even teenagers? 

 One thing that you may want to look into as well would be educating kids about Internet safety, privacy, dangers of technology and things like that. I think if children had more information about those things at a young age, they would be far less likely to get into trouble with social media and technology when they're older. 

 Here are some resources you may like to use: 

 - https://www.pbs.org/newshour/e...world-and-each-other



Good luck with your research, I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 

Hey Etta, 

I love your new topic about children and technology! Technology is quite intriguing because as you mentioned, technology is rapidly evolving and children are being exposed to it in a variety of different ways. For my inquiry topic, I'm investigating how teens are impacted by technology and I'd like to see how children differ or have many similarities. Overall, a great topic and I admire how you're going to collect research and create surveys to form your research rounds. Perhaps getting research from various schools would be beneficial. Meaning surveying children who go to private school vs public school or even inquiry based education. Although these students attend different schools, they must all have some access to technology and how the teachers implicate it could be valuable research. Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading your research rounds and I wish you all the best! Here are some links on the impacts of technology on children. 



Hi Etta

Great choice of topic! I too think that this is a very interesting and potentially controversial subject to discuss, especially considering the unknown long-term affects that the technology that we are currently using will affect us during our development. I think that in high school (and middle school & elementary school) we don't get enough education about the use of technology. Usually, we get presentations and lectures on the use of social media, but I have never had a presentation where they tell me about the effects of hours of use of screen, effects of the light emitted from the screen, etc. It would be very interesting if you looked into this aspect for your research, and possibly why we believe that informing kids about social media use will give off the same message as general use of technology (and in which ways we can present technology use and its effects on the developing brain). 

Here are some links that could help if you're interested in looking into this:



And this really interesting link:


Hope this helps! Best of luck !

Helloooo @Etta Lainchbury (LFAS)

You have my interest. Its a cool question you have here! We had this as a class discussion as well. Points like age restrictions and how it has been impacting our future generations is a hot topic. 

We are living in a revolution of technology. Of course, this discussion had no right or wrong answer. It was definite that: Technology will be around and we cannot go against it. For certain, our generation is pitted against the forefront of the technology. We are basically test guinea pigs for it as well. Good and bad that is. 

Keep it going! 
Here is some areas that hopefully can help with your research! 

They talk about generation, the impact, and how it has become a part of ourselves. Something we cannot live without. Like clothing. 

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Hey Etta!

This will be a very interesting topic to look into! Kids are being exposed to technology earlier and earlier, which has unknown, potentially harmful effects. It's very common to see babies with iPads, and while this is definitely a great distraction, my personal thoughts are that being surrounded by technology from a young age creates a dependence that will impact how they function later on. For example, kids may have a harder time keeping themselves busy when entertainment is not so readily provided. Education about technology must be provided at a young age to drill it into the mindset of children, which may prevent addiction later on, which is becoming increasingly common. Good luck, I'm excited to read your research!

Heya Etta,


I was wondering what type of films you would be showing the students? While I love your idea I'm not sure about the underlying biases within whatever film(s) you choose. Maybe a few shorter films with varying views would be beneficial?  


This is an article covering one scope of the bias:




It mainly focuses on overuse of social media and technology, as well as comparing it to moderate and healthier uses. This might help create a base for your studies.


Here's an example of biases used in a popular study behind exposure to cell phones and brain tumors:


I also found a pretty interesting article you might enjoy. It's not directly connected to our current youth (more aiming towards the millennial crowd) however there are some comparable statistics.



(Another interesting study about speech delays in 18 month old children and the connection it has to technology use)


Hi Etta!

Great topic!  One of my last rounds of research was based off the technology and the good, the bad and how to educate them.  It  was quite interesting how to learn how much technology can widely increase the learning possibilities through technology.  Personally I think it's so sad to see kids in elementary school with phones and their own iPad's.  To me, because of this new age of technology I think we should be starting to educate kids at a young age in school, but don't think they should be limiting their imagination and exercise by looking at a screen.

Here is the link to a couple of the sites that talk about how to teach kid's safety while using the internet and the key points to how it works:



Good luck I can't wait to see your research and be able to compare and contrast with my own.

Hi Etta! 

Amazing topic to look into. Over the past few years, I've learned more about the dangers and harmful results from over-using technology as a child. It is coming now to a realization the unknown dangers of the future, since we are basically the first generation that may or may not experience any harmful effects over the long run. This is most probably why we are so curious to know what will happen in a period of time, since there are so many types of technology being developed every month. 

I found some sources that can help you regarding the assumptions of effects on children in the future, where you can compare and contrast:  



Good luck !


Hi Etta, 

Wow! Nice choice of topic. I agree with you: kids are becoming more and more exposed to screens. I find that people are starting to use technology at a younger age than before. Evidently, technology can be a great source of learning and entertainment for children, but there are evidently health implications of screen time. Thus, I think it’s awesome that you’re bringing into light this interesting yet serious topic.  

I’ve read that it is suggested that children ages 3 to 18 years shouldn’t be spending more than two hours a day in front a screen. For high school students, like us, it is especially difficult to meet this maximum because technology is being already so integrated into our home and school life. Maybe you could be interested in investigating the different roles technology is playing in our lives. When you are doing so, perhaps you may in intrigued to compare the advantages and disadvantages of our devices. However, to touch the education aspect of your inquiry, you can investigate how schools are attempting to educate the next generations. For example, I know that our school, the grade 9s are asked to take a course called Digital Literacy. Perhaps you can look into whether courses like these are effective? 


Websites that could help out: 





Good luck, 


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