So today,I researched about how do dogs decide who is their master? Obviously most dogs love people but why do they listen, and show affection more to one person rather then everyone, so why? 

Their "master' is usually the person the dog is always happiest to see and listens to the most. Dogs see their master as the person who cares for them (Eg: Talking them for walks, feeding them, etc), plays with them, and spends a lot of time with them. It may be more difficult for the dog the choose a master if there are more people living with them, as the dog will try and spend time with all of the people. Though if there is one person in the family who does not care as much for the dog, or pay attention to the dog when they want it, they may not be the dog's most favorite person. (1)

Dogs also choose their masters by people's attitude, touch and tone of voice. Dogs can actually sense that. Just like if you give attitude or are sassy ,dogs will pick that up and may not think of you so good. Dogs can actually be quite picky. If you do not give very much attention to a dog, they will not see you as their master. Here is an comparison: If you have a long distance relationship with someone and barely get to see each other, most people will just Skype  or talk on the phone to keep their relationship going. But dogs are different. They love attention from humans so if you do not give that attention it will not work. (2)

Now this next topic I was not planning on researching, but found an interesting article and thought I should include this. So here you go,do dogs have enemies?:

Dogs have many people/animals they dislike,but they don't really develop enemies on their own. Studies have actually shown that a dog's main enemy is someone who is mean to their master, or someone their master does not like. For an example, if you have a fight with someone, and that person starts yelling at you or is being snappy, your dog will notice that and may start to dislike them. Or if your giving someone dirty looks, or being mean to them your dog will think "Oh, master does not like this person so I do not either".(3)




Next I plan on researching how do dogs become trained? How do we house train them? How do they learn tricks and commands? Thanks to all who have read my posts and replied! I really appreciate it! If you have ideas or suggestions just leave a comment  Thanks!




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Hello Rhea,

Your topic interests me because I love animals and I like how detailed and informative your research is. I do have a thought that could be helpful to answer some of your inquiry question though.

In my opinion dogs can't fully understand our language using just their ears. So I thought about how deaf people interrupt what we say and I remembered they use sign language which is like hand gestures for dogs. I think looking into "how dogs use their other senses to listen to their owners?" could be helpful.

I hope my thought can help farther your research!

"Do dogs have enemies?" I love this question! Attaching a usually human associated term to non-human things always interests me. This can lead to a whole bunch of questions, such as "What are enemies, really?" and "Why is the term enemy attached almost exclusively to humans?" While this is unrelated to your project, I just wanted to show you how inspiring your post was! Good luck, and I'm excited to keep updated with your research.

Hello Hello Rhea-

Intriguing post, i read something about cats as well that they can be trained and i believe, with the proper technique and such, animals can be trained because they have some level of intelligence, just different species. Cat's normally people wouldn't think they are trainable felines, but on the contrary.

Going about your next research- hopefully these links can be of any help!
(Below, This link website is being updated, will be hopefully ready in 18 hour)http://obediencewithoutconflic...behind-dog-training/


Hi Rhea,

I really like the topic you're researching, as I've always wondered how dogs can understand us. For how dogs are trained, I read a really informative article that I'm sure will help will help out a lot with your next round of research.


According to this article, the most popular method to training a dog is called clicker training. Basically, when the dog performs the desired task, such as lying down, you start clicking away, to let them know that a reward is coming, because otherwise they might roll over afterwards, then get the reward, and think that the rolling over is being rewarded. The way that they know that the clicking means a treat is coming though, is that you repeat this process several times, and their brain associates the clicking sound with food. 

Hope this helps, and good luck with your research!

Hi Rhea!

Another thing you could add on why dogs show specific interest to their owners/masters is the major factor of trust. A dog feels comfortable with humans after a while, when you've shown them that you care and that you love them and do not mean to harm them . This tells dogs, 'SAFE TO APPROACH!' And they will remember your smell as the person they can go to and lick your fingers. Hope this helps.

Hey Rhea,

Am interested of you knowing there are animals who attack human violently i think animals do not have brain like human who can think also they cannot communicate i think is that they don t have that knowledge  like human who can express themselves through communication.I appreciate this,Also thank you for your website 

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