How do cosmetics effect us?

 Hey everyone, 

This is the conclusion to my research round with the question: How do cosmetics effect us? I'll be wrapping up the stuff that I learnt in this round of research. I really liked looking into makeup and the effects. I am also exited to move on to my next topic. 

The first thing I looked into was liquid and powder foundation and the effects and contents of these products. for liquid  foundation I found that a lot of foundations have the word organic on the bottle and that doesn't mean that it is actually all organic it may just mean that one of the ingredients in the product is organic there for the product is organic. I learnt about the harming chemicals in these like parabens. For powder products I didn't find much of anything as it is just colored powders. I also found that liquid foundations there actually is anti aging in them.

Next I looked into eye shadow and liner. For eye shadows there is a dangerous chemical called lead acetate most commonly known as lead poisoning. there is also a chemical that mimics estrogen (the female sex hormone) this can be a contribution to breast cancer. For eyeliner it has something in it called phthalates that can give you cancer if it isn't a good eyeliner. 

for the next week I looked into mascaras and lip products. mascara, a dangerous thing in this is called carbon black a black odorless solid that is found in these products and it is dangerous because of its tiny size so you can inhale it and in turns end up shortening your life span. For lip products there are metals found in lip sticks and glosses. some metals were cadmium and chromium and a lot more.

In conclusion I have learnt a lot about the different products that I used and I even abandoned some of my old trusted makeup friends and got some new ones. thank you to everyone that looked and commented on my posts. 


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Hi Ellen,

I loved your summary of all that you learned in this cycle! It's so interesting to me that a cosmetic product is deemed organic even when it only has one ingredient in it that's organic. This seems to be a very popular topic in society right now not only with cosmetic products but also with food products. I wonder if by any chance you've come across in your research any laws about manufacturers deeming products as organic? Just thought i'd share my thoughts.

Good luck in your next cycle of research! 


Hey Ellen,

You've done a great job of summarizing your research. I'd love to see the negative effects of parabens in cosmetic products and how they can harm your skin. Also, how does leaving makeup on for a lengthy period of time harm your skin? I've also heard stories and seen articles of makeup users getting paralyzed or going blind after using makeup with harmful chemicals. How does this work? What is the correlation between bad ingredients in makeup and a depleting immune system?

Great topic! Keep up the good work
Erica Won

Hi Ellen,

This is a very good summary you did in the rounds of research. I really enjoyed the first round of research that you did with liquid and powder foundation. I learned to watch out for what is in the ingredients of my makeup as you said that liquid foundation will contain many inorganic ingredients. I learned that powder foundation is better to use than liquid as the liquid foundation has many faults with it. You research made me be more aware of the ingredients of what is in makeup and what to watch out for. Good luck with the next cycle!

Here are some interesting facts I found about makeup:

Grace Sun

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