how do cosmetics effect us ?

For my second round I am going to consider the bad chemicals in our eye shadows and eye liner there is a lot of questions that I have about this one because eyeliner stays so long on your face and some are smudge and water proof so what is in that.

Eyeshadow... for eye shadow there is a very dangerous thing called lead acetate more commonly known as lead poisoning which is especially dangerous for children. (1) there is also a preservative that helps makeup last longer and prevent mold from growing but this preservative can mimic estrogen (female sex hormone). This has been speculated as one of the helpers in giving women breast cancers (2) so make sure that you always get your make up from a good place. The colors in the eyeshadows are most likely synthetic colors these colors can come from coal tar or petroleum (2). Petroleum is something that I have researched into as an ids in my science class it is a dangerous product that used to be in a lot of makeup such as lip stick or eye shadow. lead acetate is in a lot of dyes (1,2). Imported cosmetics are usually the ones that contain the largest amounts of lead. (1) on your products it is important to look for the label FD&C or D&C…..FD&C means food drugs and cosmetics where D&C means drugs and cosmetics both are equally as bad and both mean that you are putting harmful chemicals on your face. (2) but this can cause cancer and developmental issues.

Eyeliner… for eyeliner thus isn’t much I could dig up all I could find is a bit about a thing called phthalates. This is something that holds the fragrance and long wearing in s product. (3) it is super dangerous and it can give you cancer if you don’t have a good eyeliner.

This was a very fun thing to research and I am exited to research some more in two weeks.



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Hi Ellen! 

Nice post! I've heard quite a bit about make up and the problematic ingredients for the pass few years. Interestingly enough, make up is to beautify someone but in the long run it is harmful that leads to the opposite effect wanted. Of course that is the ones that are bad. The ones that are non-harmful are excluded in that. 

You mentioned that you couldn't find too much about eyeliners, here's some links to see if you are interested!


Keep it up! 

Hey Ellen! 

This is such an interesting topic. I've always been curious about the harmful ingredients that are in our cosmetic products. I was completely surprised to find out that there is a preservative in makeup that resembles the female sex hormone. Here's an article that talks about the toxic chemicals to avoid in eye makeup:


Good Luck! 

Hey Ellen,

I like the depth you go into with your research, and your results have certainly brought forth some new concerns for me. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for those chemicals when shopping from now on

Just one question: are these chemicals harmful if in contact with the skin, if ingested, or if they come in contact with the eyes? 

Thanks, looking forward to reading more,

Hello, Ellen,

Great post, I like how you went in a professional way in your research and provided a lot of backgrounds of the eye shadow. I feel like people use them very often in the world these days, some shops are advertising for not adding chemicals into their cosmetics, such as : " organic products.." If you are interested in how they advertise and if they are really safe, here are some links for you. 

Looking forward to read more on your next round!


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