How did the colonization and invasion of countless countries into the Philippines, effect it’s culture, beliefs and ideals as a nation?

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since my last post on this site, but I am so glad to be back! This time around I wanted to take a break from fashion in history, and connect back to my roots!

For this cycle, I will be researching the question, "how did the colonization and invasion of countless countries into the Philippines, effect its culture, beliefs and ideals as a nation?". The main reason as to why I chose this topic is so that I could have a better understanding of where my culture came from. Being Filipino has shaped who I am today and I would love to get to know where these beliefs came from.

The main topics I plan to cover are:

  • Early roots of the first peoples occupying the Philippines
  • Early Asian influences
  • Spanish colonization
  • US occupancy
  • Japanese occupancy during WW2
    • Hukbalahap insurgency

Please don’t be afraid to tell me what you think and I hope to see you all again in my first research post!

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Hey Aiesha,

I love how you chose a topic that relates to you and allows you to look back into something that shaped who the person you're today. I would recommend mentioning the rise of nationalism in the Philippines, when there was Chinese immigration and also religion in the Philipines. Anyways I'm looking forward to your post! Here are some sources that may help with your research.

Good Luck!

Hey Aiesha! 

Great to see you again, cool question and plan! 

Pretty interesting question as this is a topic that talks about what shapes a country. This is the stuff that really speaks out loud on what really defines what a country is today and explains what some things happen the way they are today as well. 
Take a look at why people left to immigrate out of the Philippines as well, as i know there are people who have done so to Canada. 

I was looking at something and i remember just curiously looking further into the details of the Mamasapano Massacre (when Philippine police and citizens had casualties.) It was within country but outsiders were involved.(first 2 links) Hopefully the rest, including events in the country that affected Philippines can be of help!

Keep it up! 



Cool topic! Colonization and invasion always lead to moving demographics, tumult and often civil or ethnic wars. However, colonization is not a new (as of Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, etc.) idea and nations have colonized each other since, well, as far back as you can trace. Though most people are familiar with european colonization in Africa, and the America's not as many are familiar with Asian colonization.

This looks interesting! 

Ben Laird 

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