Here everyone, am back with a research of happens of child trafficking.

 Total of children found in child trafficking.

The ILO estimates that 21 million people are trapped in forced labour or slavery. Of those, it says one in four are under the age of 18.

The estimated number of children trafficked around the world is 5.5 million. They bear violence, exploitation and abuse  and ending up in work, forced marriage, prostitution, begging and armed recruitment.

Where does child trafficking happen?

Every country in the world is affected by human trafficking, whether as a victim’s original country, somewhere to the destination.

According to the UN Office of Drugs and Crime's 2014 global report on trafficking, 62% of all people trafficked in Africa and the Middle East are children. Other regional figures are 36% in South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, 31% in the Americas and 18% in Europe and Central Asia. Of all people trafficked in 2011, 21% were girls, 12% boys, 49% women and 18% men. 

Most of the victims of child trafficking are moved across borders.  Some  migrants and refugees may leave home to escape violence and seek a more promising future but in doing so, become extremely vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

The dealer prey on the vulnerabilities of children on the move and they lure them with the promise of a better life, a proper job or simply food and shelter. The assassin can be anyone from smugglers, militia or even members of the police.

Children are device, forced or persuaded to leave their homes. Traffickers use various techniques to gain the trust of a child, family or community.They may threaten families, but this isn’t always the case,the use of violence and threats to recruit victims has decreased Traffickers may promise children education or persuade parents their child can have a better future in another place.Sometimes families will be asked for payment towards the ‘service’ a trafficker is providing 

Traffickers make a profit from the money a child earns through exploitation, forced work or crime. It explains as a way for a child to pay off a debt they or their family 'owe' to the traffickers.

Even though these are methods used by traffickers, coercion, violence or threats do not need to be proven in cases of child trafficking - a child cannot legally consent and only requires evidence of movement and exploitation.

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Hello priscilla,well done ,good job you have worked on.This topic of yours is gorgeous hope to be educated by your next search .I wish that our government will realize on the ways to solve the problem on child trafficking .This is a big shame on the traffickers as they are destroying a country's population.Wishing you good luck on your other search.


Hello Priscilla! 

 Excellent round of research! Obviously, there is zero justification for ever harming a child, but it was important how you looked into why people continue to commit these terrible actions. It is important to know how these problems come about because that leads us to learn how we can help change such a sad situation. It would be interesting to learn about why people who do such awful things have this mentality. 

  I was also shocked by the statistics you added. 21 million people?! That’s horrifying. And 49% women?! Obviously gender roles factor into this terrible issue. 

 It is really powerful to read about this information, as unjustifyable as it is. 

Keep up the research, this is great! 

Hi Priscilla! What an interesting topic! I had no clue 2.1 million suffered under forced labour, that’s nearly the population of Canada. I think this is something that everybody should be educated on, considering that it is prevalent in nearly every country. It’s awful that so many children are exposed to and exploited to human trafficking, and it is definitely an issue that absolutely needs to be dealt with. I wonder whether or not the amount of people trafficked has increased or decreased over time, and what might be the causes for that. 

I found an article on the links between prostitution and human trafficking -


As well as a link on how children can be sexually exploited online

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