How can we make transportation systems more efficient and accessible?

An issue that needs to be resolved is the lack of transportation although there are many issues that need a resolution embedded. I relate to being sedentary because of the lack of transportation due to remarkable factors consisting of : time efficiency, price, safety, and accessibility. I reminisce about the long nights I had no way home, waiting in absurd temperatures, lacking funds in order to get to a trusted household, etc. If I could have any job(s) in the world, I would be a recording artist due to the fact I use my voice and will be heard by many, even those  who you might not ever assume to need a couple rhymes, and any other figurative language to help assist the burden they are overcoming. Also, I would be a humanitarian although it would expose me to the dark secrets, the perspectives (not all will I agree with but will understand) of the world we live in. I want people to live the best lives, and learn to treat all respectfully, and equally. I’m all for helping an issue that is detrimental to the social progress of people around the world. To relax is challenging for me as I’m primarily on the verge of blowing up as an artist which takes a lot of determination and long nights without sleep.  

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Hey Jalyn!

I'm not sure if you guys have anything like this near Madison; however, in British-Columbia we have a transportation network filled with buses, Sky Trains (which is similar to a subway but is above ground), and aqua bus's. Nevertheless, even though we have so many resources, many people, including myself at times, still complain and critique this system. Whether it be because of the cost, the bus schedules or the amount of ground covered, our system is most definitely not perfect. 

So, for your research, I think it would be interesting to give a more in-depth explanation of what it is like for you and how your transportation system functions (if you have one). Then, researching what other countries (or even other states in the US) use for their transportation network may help you to ultimately answer your question.  

Here are some sources that may help:


Good luck! Hope this helped!

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