How are languages learned? (Reflection or something)

So, I figured that that good old crushing feeling of extreme guilt and shame is going to come back if I don’t finally post something. Doing a project with someone else really adds a new urgency to this whole thing.

Which is fine. It’s motivation.

I am actually learning quite a bit about this topic, but because I am currently in a long-term, serious, committed relationship with my terrible procrastination habits, many of the newcomers probably have no idea that I even exist. So I thought it was time to make myself known.

As Ty might have told you, him an I are working on a languages project together (for those veterans who remember me from last year, I’m leaving a pause for the exasperated sighs. Also, sorry). Lucky enough, we have a bit in common in this area, since he’s fluent in Japanese, and I have the Japanese proficiency of a hunk of soggy cardboard.

This is nice, because while we are working on our project, he can say something in Japanese, and I can ask over and over again for him to repeat it or speak up. Maybe we’ll figure some other strategies out. After all, our project is on effective language learning.

Speaking of which.

As stated before in our project plan, we’ll be looking at various causes and effects for learning a language. We haven’t gotten too far yet, but I’m excited, since there is so much potential here!!!! So much we can cover!! I’m such a nerd!!!!!!!!!

Also, I believe last year I promised a video or something of me speaking some of the languages. I can’t remember if anyone actually wanted this to happen or not, but you cannot pay me enough to go back and check. I might end up making it anyway. Who knows?


please note that I definitely don’t speak for Ty during this project. We have separate posts, and I do not want him getting credit for the topics that I post. He doesn’t deserve a bad reputation because of me. 

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 Hi Haleigh! 

 You seem very passionate about your topic! There are so many causes and effects for learning a language. One idea I had was you could talk to a language teacher and ask how they find is the most efficient way to teach languages, ex; do they mostly use visuals, spoken text, written work, etc. That's all I got for you for now, but good luck!    

Hi Haleigh. Its good to have you back.😊 I've been following your project since its something which helps me in my real life because I found it difficult to speak in my mother tongue.(my first language since here in Kenya a majority of the people are multilingual- can speak more than two languages; English and Kiswahili. My third language is Kikuyu. That's the language I found a difficulty in communicating with it)

Since I saw your project and noticed it was something which can help in my real life. So I've actually been following up your project and researching on it. I noticed that writing is an effective way of helping someone to understand a language. For instance here in Kenya we learn Kiswahili and English and a majority of people have learnt how to speak in those two languages here, and use them to communicate. Compared to the past when people didn't learn any languages. 

Looking forward to see your next post. 

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