How Addiction to Alcohol and drugs develops

How Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs Develops on teens

Teen substance use can advance  rapidly, from experimenting use to abuse and addiction.


Teens try alcohol, cigarettes, chemicals, and other drugs for many reasons such as, to relax or feel good. But they also have other purpose for drug use, such as curiosity, rebellion against their parents, or seeking acceptance from their peer.

Commonly the first substance used by a teen is alcohol or cigarettes, and many times they are obtained from the teen's own home. Some parents experiment with these substances because at least the teen is not using drugs. But these substances are considered pathway drugs, because they can lead to the use of other drugs.

If experimentation begins before the age of 15, a teen is likely to continue and to develop problems caused by use of this drugs. Other things that make a teen likely to develop drug use problem include:

  • Using a substance alone rather than in a peer group.
  • Having untreated behavioral problems conditions.

Regular use

At this stage, teens mostly seek opportunities to use the chosen substance or substances. Also, a teen may start to need more and more of the substance to achieve the same effect which lead to tolerance.

Commonly the first symptoms of drug abuse are school problems, such as a sudden increase in absent or getting low grades. The teen may also have problems at home, including quarrel with parents. Teens often give up activities that they enjoy in order to use the substance. Also, teens may use the substance in school or in situations that lead to legal problems. They may sell drugs as well as use them.

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hi Claire,

That is very good of you educating us on the effects of drugs to teens.In our present world,you find that teens are using drugs than ever before.This may be brought by the fact that many parents are not strict on what their children do.Below is a link that will enable you to come up with your next post.

Hi Claire

today i have learnt a lot from you about alcohol.Just like we all know we teens like trying new thing day by day even taking drugs will try but what are the effects? they don't care at all they will even try to ague with the law even if they will get jailed or not but according to your post curiosity the teens is what they have this why i'm interested with your topic because it is educative and very informative  i will be checking on your post next

Hey Claire, 

Great post! You were very informative and concise in your explanation of the common progressions of drug usage! This is a very important topic for us to address as it affects so many teenagers in a very negative way. You mentioned in your post that experimenting alone can sag way into addiction more often than usage in groups. 

This was one of the best posts I have read in a while! Good job!


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