Hello folks!!I hope things are going well, I am very sad tolerating deaths of many innocent people every year.This is because nearly 1.3 million people die in road accident every year ,on average 3,287 deaths a day .An additional 20 to 50 million injured or disabled.Can you imagine all those lives lost and others their dream going to an end?Just ask yourself this question .How many people are left suffering because of may be children who are left orphan or a member of a family being disabled?All these accidents can be reduced if some common behaviors of human are changed.These behaviors include;

  1. Drinking driving
  2. Distractions to driver
  3. Red light jumping
  4. Avoiding safety gears like seat belts and helmets
  5. Overtaking in a wrong manner

 These all can be avoided if everyone take his or her role.Some of the roles include;  

   Developing the right attitude about  driving

  Creating awareness

  Limit night driving

  Drive a safe vehicle

  Do not over carry passengers

  Underage drinking and drug use  is illegal

  Ignore belligerent drivers    

Actually with all these; roads accidents will be reduced at a higher percentage.

These will contribute to development in our country because government will be using that money used by injured to do something that will lead to development .

Some of these development can be inform of ;


    Constructing roads of good standards


    Donating the money to the aged and

   Constructing schools and hospitals


   Locating industries which will create employment to many people

    Connecting remote areas with electricity and water

   Constructing schools and hospitals


   Locating industries which will create employment to many people

    Connecting remote areas with electricity and water

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Hey Ashilline,

Great research round! I really like how easy it was to read and how well organized you made it.  It's so terrible to me that so many people die in car crashes daily when the car crash could've been prevented. I think that many people do not realize the risks with drinking and driving,  not wearing seat belts, running a red light, etc. They might know it's bad but they assume the chances of something bad happening are low so they continue to do it anyway.  Maybe you could do some research about self driving cars and how the accident rates could change with them.

Here's some websites to help with your research: 



Good luck!

Hey Ashilline, 

This is a great round of research! It was very well-organized and easy to understand and you made your point quite clearly. Also, I like how you extended your research to talk about projects the government could implement with funds saved if the accident rate went down. Another thing that could happen is tax and insurance on vehicles could be lowered if you wanted to look into that!

Good luck

Hey Ashilline, 

Great research on how accidents can be reduced! You mentioned some great points on how driving causes many of them such as drinking and driving, distracted driving and red light jumping. Its quite surprising to see the amounts of death caused by road accidents because driving seems like a common daily activity that takes the lives of many. I like the way you included many solutions and different options to improve on the roads because you identify both perspectives. Perhaps in a future posts, you could include safety precautions in other forms of transportation such as airplanes or bicycles. Although, it may not be as common compared to cars, there is still a risk considering a plane holds many people and a crash would effect lots of lives. Or a bike has no protection like cars so I assume crashes have a higher rate of death. Anyways great round and here are some links.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/plane-crashes <-- explains different plane crashes and stories behind them 

https://www.faa.gov/data_research/accident_incident/ <-- government website for data and hard facts

Hey Ashilline, 

Well done on your research of how accidents can be reduced. I really liked how you provided examples on what the government can be investing their money in rather than a car accident. You organized your information very well and it was very clear and neat to read! Next round, you could possibly discuss about organizations or groups that are trying to prevent accidents. 

Good luck!

Hello Ashilline,
You’ve done a really good job at pointing out the ways people tend to make mistakes while driving that end up with people getting hurt. In fact just this morning about 13ish hours ago I was talking to my friend and he told me a story of when he was driving with his driving instructor and he needed to make a left turn and there was oncoming traffic to his left so he couldn't yet turn, and on the right there were cars passing to go straight, and behind more people, so he couldn't move at all. In front of him though in the oncoming side a guy had decided that it would be a good time to overtake some one, so he sped up, thing was he crossed a double yellow line to do this, and he barely made it, If he had had to go 2 more feet forward before passing the other dude he would have crashed into my friend, something that could have been easily avoided if the person had had more patience. It’s these dangerous things that end in tragedy, I mean this time he got away fine, but maybe next time he wont be so lucky. So I think you are entirely right to say that many of those problems that kill so many people in a year could be easily avoided if people had a better attitude when driving rather then trying to just go as fast as possible. It’s entirely possible though that to people in general that they think it won't happen to them, cause only the unlucky few get in car crashes, it’s a much bigger problem then how much time we put into actually solving it. Hopefully, your next round goes well!

If you decide to keep to this topic hopefully these websites may be of use to you:

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