Helicopter engineering

Hey everyone,

So i have been doing a lot of designing and just trying to get ideas on paper and this is what i have discovered so far.

First the cheapest way for me to get propellers with engines is to buy the ones that are made for hang gliders and those sorts of things.  They are less expensive then making it some other way and are normally powerful enough for me to get all the lift i require.

However i did encounter a problem with this in the fact that they are all fixed pitch rotors.  this means the angle of attack on my rotor blades, or the pitch (Pitch is normally defined as how far the propeller would travel forwards if it was to say spin around a pole) is always the same.  most helicopters these days vary the pitch of their blades to determine how high/low or fast/slow they are going to be going.  Because the blades are fixed pitch i cant change them which means, i have to find a way to slow down or speed up the engines(most of them are only one speed), which is difficult and would most likely require me to actually tinker with the motors/engines themselves.

 this should help you understand pitch a little bit better.

this will help as well hopefully.

So as you can see i have been hitting problems left and right with this project.  The good news is that i am finding new ways and materials to make it cheaper and lighter.

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