Hazardous employment for children in Brazil.

Hey  everyone, today I am talking about hazardous work in Brazil.

Children aged 10 to 17 are in labor force work (3.58 million).The evidence of variety of negative outcomes for children engaged in hazardous work, comparison to children engaged in hazardous work, who are not employed and engaged in other type of work.Child labor in Brazil is large, it is not comprehensive and there  are few studies on children's engagement in risky labor force work.

Categories of work they do.

  • Large number of workers underage in  18 years.
  • Occupations that are considered in  hazardous because they harm a child's "health, safety or morals".

Children are engaged in hazardous work in Brazil, enhancing our understanding of how children end up is such occupations.Also there is characteristics of parents , especially those that influences their own labor for participation and type of work, play an important role in children's labor force entry and types of jobs.

Literature concerning child labor in Brazil is extensive and a number of studies focus on determinant of child labor, involves poverty, parent's low level of education, large family sizes and unappealing educational alternatives.Papers dealing with risky child labor in Brazil, majority derive from qualitative studies of small number of children based on non-representative samples.

The research focuses primarily on psychological health and deviant behavior, or on physical health, rather than on the circumstances leading to children's employment.

  • Data methods.

Many children especially girls, are engaged in time consuming and valuable household chores.The wage labor outside the family, children engaged in labor for employment may work for their parents and still doing labor force work.Analysis to identify occupations and industries to designate as hazardous  for children.

Brazilian government, signatory of the UN convection on hazardous work, approved a law containing a description of activities.Therefore to persons under 18, in any conditions that is , a list of "worst forms"of activities in which persons under 18 are not allowed to work as regular employees or in apprenticeships.

Hazardous work list to the categories of occupations and industries available in census of 2000, which is based on Brazilian occupational categories.They are engaged in domestic services, streets workers in the cultivation and processing of particular crops.The total number of 10 to 17 years old in samples is 60,678, of more than seventeen present (17.6 %) are employed in labor force work in the reference week; of these, 24.8 percent are in the risky categories..

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Hello Priscilla

Nice work.Solving this Tragedy,that is not only affecting our countries is much encouraging.Children are being denied their rights mainly education which is the only way in life.I think it will be more encouraging if you look deeply of how we can educate many on the effects of child labour and importance of education.

All the best. 

Hey Priscilla,                                                                                                                             So  far so good you have done a nice work.It was fortunate to know that Brazil has a high rate of child labour.It is true that not only Brazil has child labour but also other countries in the world.

Good luck in your research. 

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