There are always advancements being made, these particular ones are mainly about the possibility for creating a new real organ.


3D printing:


Has anyone seen that “Ant-man and the Wasp” movie?  Well do you remember the ending credits with the little fugrines?  Those figurines were made using a 3D printer. What if I told you you can make organs with a 3D printer?  Okay well we are not eaxctly there yet...but close.


A 3D printed organ:


Research has been done looking into making human tissue with a 3D printer.  This process makes it quicker to make organs. This method is more so used for making actual organs and makes it faster for people to obtain transplants.  A 3D printing company in Israel mixed human stem cells into the ink that is used for printing. This method takes seconds, whereas before it took hours. Another company (NASA contractor) wants to 3D print organs in outer space.  “The idea is that printed organs develop better in a zero-gravity environment.” (, 2019).  


Stem Cells:


Stem cells are able to become any type of cell in your body, they react to the environment they are put into.  They can become tissue/organ specific cells that can repair and replace old cells. But in certain organ like the heart, stem cells can only divide in certain circumstances.



Now lets go back for a second, do you remember at the very beginning when I told you my essential question:  What will one day be the advantages to using an artificial organ over a transplant organ?


We have been advancing in this technology very quickly.  Artificial organs right now, function, but are only used temporarily.  Technology is being used to create an artificial organ that will last a lifetime or it is being used to create a completely new real organ.  There is always a huge list of people waiting to get transplants and not everyone always gets one because of that long wait. So the benefits of having an artificial organ one day that will last forever, is not having to wait.  The advantage will be being able to live a healthy life, not worrying for years whether you’ll get a transplant and make it by then.



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