Factors that contribute to drugs addiction

Hello every one today I will be looking at  the factors that contribute to drugs addiction.



Siblings frequently follow very different paths, some leading to addiction and some not. That being said, genetics do play a role by affecting you to developing an addiction. Genetic factors contribute to about half of a person to become addicted. Our genes have been linked to:

  • a quicker reaction to drugs
  • a decreased ability to feel any negative effects
  • an increased euphoria
  • a quick involvement with repetitive behaviors.

These genetic factors can cause observational drug use to quickly spin out of control and make it difficult to stop.

2) Environment

Like so many others, the home that you and your siblings grew up in also plays an important role in your addiction. There are several factors that play into this:

  • divorce
  • A lot of arguments
  • mental illness
  • drug or alcohol abuse

If one lives in a neighborhood where drug use is normally use, he or she begins to see it as normal, and the everyone start doing it. It can also be difficult to live in that type of environment, which can lead to addiction by way of numbing the fear and worries one might experience.


3)peer influence

The peer pressure influence is usually surrounding who they live with. Hoping to remember that first high, a sober partner may join in and begin to abuse drugs with their partner. Others see it as a way to achieve peace in their relationship.They use drugs to reduce fight at their homes.

It is important to keep in mind that just the way a person reacts to or thinks about things can make him or her to becoming addicted.

Personality factors such as poor self control can be linked to having difficulty interacting with others, and drug use can help froze that particular pain.

It is critical to remember that there is help and hope for anyone who has developed an addiction. With the proper involvement, you can make the changes that will put you on the path to moderation.



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I think peer influence it is the one usually contributes to addiction since the peers keep on pressuring other that when you do with drugs like you will pass exam.Example today our English teacher had involve us to watch kid in Kenya that is for example street children and this was very emotional to see even a 3 year kid is using this intoxicant glue and when they were asked why they use it this are he older they said this make them forget the past that applies still to peer.This is very encouraging show us more


It is completely interesting to think how genetics causes drug addiction. An old friend of mine has a dad who dangerously consumes alcohol. Her mother told her never to try alcohol because she would activate the genetic connection and she would end up being a very crazy drunkard like her daddy. I laughed at the thought until here we go. In his book David Goldman: The Genetics of Addiction, this is what I found out;

"Addictions are among the most heritable of psychiatric disorders, as shown in studies of large, carefully characterized cohorts of twins TABLE 1, including epidemiologically ascertained cohorts from Virginia, USA, and Australia. HERITABILITIES range from 0.39 (for hallucinogens) to 0.7." More about the book is in the site below.


That was completely a new lesson to me.

How would we help people whose thirst for drugs in already in their genes?

I suppose there are other causes of drug addiction like emotional distress, among others.

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