Last time i talked about the comparison of pinhole camera ,daguerreotype camera and digital camera. Today i am going to look at how pinhole camera daguerreotype camera have evolved to a digital camera, i will also look into the application of digital camera.

First i will look into a camera obscura this is also referred to as pinhole camera.Pinhole camera is when an image of a scene is projected through a small hole so that it produces a reversed  and inverted image on the screen.In 1839 a daguerreotype camera  was invented,the daguerreotype camera was made of a silvered plate,copper plate and a copper sheet to attach an image upon them.

In 1841 the calotypes camera were patented by Henry Fox using silver iodide.A calotype camera is a simple camera consisting of two boxes ,the back box has a removable ground glass that was later replaced with a sensetized plate then the photographer is able to open the front cover and count as many minute as light condition seemed to be required  before replacing the cap.

In 1871 Dr Richard invented a dry plate camera.A dry plate camera is a glass plate coated which was light -sensitive known as a gelatin process.It is was an improvement on the earlier wet plate.

In 1957 a digital camera was invented by an engineer at Eastman Kodak named Steve Sasson. A digital camera is a camera that stores images in digital form.With also the invention of digital camera, there other inventors who also came up with ideas of creating ,a negative  handled camera and a flexible roll film.Also the creation of the video tape recorder was allowed and image could be created from television and save them in digital form.This functioned as the video camera and also stored images in the memory card as a storage device that made it easier to download from the device to a computer they were able to save and also delete the photo.

Here are some applications of a digital camera;

  • Security

Cameras are used to block violence and illegal activities ,there are different types of camera the Video camera ,CCTV securities cameras and HD security camera.

  • Traffic                                                                                                                  

In a high traffic intersection  a sensor is used to detect a moving vehicle through the light and the camera attached to the light will take a photo of the moving car.

  • NASA                                                                                                        

They use a digital camera for receiving images from  space ,example of the camera is the Wide Field Camera 3.

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Hi Nasib!

The research that you're doing is so interesting and technical! I learned a lot from just reading one of your posts. I did not know how the digital camera came was invented. Most people just worry about their photo quality and not how it actually works. If you're interested, I found a link which talks about what cameras will look like in the future.



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Hey Nasib!

This research is fantastic! Cameras have evolved so much over time and your research is so interesting and easy to read. Another application of the digital camera is camera phones. Nowadays, almost every cellphone has a camera, which is a really interesting evolution, in my opinion.

Here's a clear timeline of the evolution of the camera that may help: http://visual.ly/evolution-camera

I'm really looking forward to reading more of your research!

Hey Nasib! 

As always, great research! Seeing all your research laid out like this makes me realize just how far cameras have evolved over the years. It really makes you think about what revelations may be made in the future! 

Here are some links discussing the future of cameras, as well as the advancements that have been made recently: 




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