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Otherwise, I thought of Jordan Macharia's project about the study of Galaxy and my study about evolution.  As said in his project,  Nasa is one of the international organization that deals with the study of space and galaxy.  In one of the science fiction movies we watched about the future of human,   robots and replacement of human power with machines, it predicts life in the future and how robots might have the ability of having self awareness and might possibly take over humans. I wonder what would happen if such a tragedy (where machines like robots will get out of control) happens. Might that be the future of human beings?  On the same, will human beings have to leave the planet earth and  go to Mars as life may 'seem'  better than planet earth?  

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Hey Allan. The idea of robots taking over humanity is a pretty cool (also scary) concept, though there are alternatives to robot domination.

In the event that robots become self aware and are as smart as humans, both sides can engage in diplomacy and work together, rather than come into conflict. It could also be that robots don't achieve self awareness, and remain workers without causing any issues.

Here's an article that goes over the risks and benefits of AI and robots, with some mention about the timeline of AI: http://futureoflife.org/backgr...ficial-intelligence/

That's a great foreshadow Allan. I remember sometimes back I watched a movie by John Corner that had the same showing how  machine in future  will  fight man and tend to take over the earth and human being uses very much effort to fight machine for years.And humans loose lives and machine(man made)cannot loose life unless completely destroyed and the destruction of one machine(robot)is very hard.Continue with what you are doing Allan it's nice to do that work,your forecast can lead to a true experience which is not good for machine to take over human because it can lead to looses.


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