Hello everyone in this time round I have a new inquiry question which is;I wonder whether solar radiation has different health effects on people with different coloured skin                                                                                                     

Effects of solar radiation on people with light coloured skin.

           Short term effects.                                                                                                The short term effects of skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation include;                 1.Sunburn-which is most intense 24 hours later repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation to obtain deeper causes the epidermis to thicken which the skin to feel dry.

   2.It can aggregate to certain  skin diseases and when combined with some commonly used medicine and chemicals can cause the skin to react abnormally to light.It can also affect the immune system and this may play a big role in skin cancer and some infectious diseases.

         Long term effects.                                                                                                   The long term effects include;                                                                                           1.Skin cancer.                                                                                                                     There are two types of skin cancers;                                                                              Melanoma skin cancers-it is much less common but it is the main cause of death from skin cancers.                                                                                                    Non-melanoma skin cancers-they era the great majority of skin cancers and solar exposure is the main environmental factor in their development.


Next time round I will be looking at effects of solar radiation on people with dark coloured skin.

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Hello Dorcas,,,,Am very much interested with your topic Effect of solar radiation on different people.Remember that some are very brown thus they have a heavier Epidermal which cannot absorb the heat.Also some ultra violent rays are also dangerous to human Skin.like people from around the north pole  which have not adapt the warm climate there may not survive in Equator.There Bodies have not adapted to warm climates in the tropics.some people like the red Indians who has never seen the sun they can never survive in Africa.So am very much waiting for your next research.

Hello Dorcas. That's a good research. Solar radiation affects every living thing not human beings alone,i wish to see you work on animals and plants too.just to clarify my point plants require optimum solar radiation to make their own food while excess radiation causes drooping and finally plants death.Animals also require solar radiation to obtain vitamin D and in excess solar radiation some get to a shade and others wallow in mud to cover their skin up.Hoping that this will be of help to you, all the best in your research.

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