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Effects of child trafficking

Child trafficking can have long-lasting and devastating effects.

Being kept captive or living or working in poor conditions can have a serious impact on a child's mental and physical health. They also be suffering from the effects of multiple forms of abuse and neglect.

Children may feel distressed and alienated if they have been separated from their families, friends, communities and cultures.

They will often have had no access to education or opportunity for social and emotional development.

Effects of domestic servitude and forced labour

Children exploited for domestic servitude and forced labour can suffer physical injuries, develop problems with their emotional health and be denied access to an education.

Effects of sexual exploitation

Children trafficked for sexual exploitation are at high risk of prolonged periods of sexual violence causing physical injuries, sexually transmitted infections and, for girls, multiple pregnancies. Find out more about the effects of child sexual exploitation.

Trafficking of children is the recruitment, transportation, transfer or harbouring of a child for commercial purpose or exploitation.

It is a violation of their rights and well being as well as the opportunity to reach their full potential

Globally, child trafficking is one of the fastest growing organised crimes with an estimated one point two million victims per year, of which thirty two percent are Africans.

Countries notable for child trafficking include Cameroun, Gabon, Equitorial Guinea, and Nigeria.

Some factors responsible for child trafficking are corruption, parental negligence, unemployment, illiteracy and ignorance.

In Nigeria, trafficking of children for whatever reason, particularly with the intent to use them for domestic service, prostitution and other forms of exploitative labour is wide spread.

This has long lasting and devastating effects on the victims as being kept captive, living or working in poor condition have negative impacts on a child’s mental and physical illness.

Here I found a link:https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/child-abuse-and-neglect/child-trafficking/signs-symptoms-effects/



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Wow, it's terrible to hear that children are going through this!! I really liked how you added lots of extra links, just in case someone wanted to learn more. I also liked how informative and to the point your writing was. Great job! 

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Hey Priscilla,

Great round of research. Very informative and eye-opening! You included some statistics were were shocking. I'm interested in seeing what measures the government has implemented to reduce crimes like these, or maybe looking into whether they are too lenient in some countries. I think you  may be surprised with what you find. Good job!


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