Hello everyone today I will be looking at how the suns rays affect the Albinos.

Skin cancers are the most common cancers among albinos in our environment. Albinism and exposure to ultraviolet light appears to be the most important risk factor in the development of these cancers. Early institution of preventive measures, early presentation and treatment, and follow-up should be encouraged in this population for better results.

Sunburn, recognized by erythema and blistering, is the commonest acute effect of excessive sun exposure. Individuals with fairskin are at highest risk of sunburn although those with pigmented skin can also experience it  The natural sun protection factor of black skin is about 13 compared with about three in light skin  

 All albinos are in great danger of developing squamous cell carcinoma of sun-exposed skin, and the Black albinos in sub-Saharan Africa are at about a 1000-fold in great danger of developing squamous cell carcinoma of the skin than the general population.

It is very probably because the aetiology and predisposing factors have not changed. Prevention  of occurrence of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin in Black albinos may be improved through educating  people to increase awareness of the harmful effects of sunlight exposure.




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Hi Dorcas,

Nice work, I love the topic and your pragaraphs are very well thought-out and detailed. This topic is very interesting because we don't see many albinos and we don't really study them either, so it's nice to have some insight on what differences they have in their lives compared to ours. One suggestion is that you could possibly compare an albino to someone with extremely dark skin, and instead of comparing them with the effefct on sun since we know it will have a tremendous difference, possibly contrast by stating the negative things a person woth very dark skin may deal with in life. 

Hope this helps!

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