Hello everyone,I'm back again on my research on effect of F.G.M.At first I'm very disappointed to know how our girls are put in risk.Anyway the effect of F.GM include:

  1. Severe pain
  2. Shock
  3. Haemorrhage's
  4. Tetanus or infection
  5. Urine retention
  6. Ulceration of genital region and injury to adjacent tissue,wound infection,fever and septicemia.

Sadly, it is very dangerous to circumcise our girls because we are risking their life and they will be the mothers of tomorrow.I wish i had powers i would make sure that F.G.M is no more.

Long-term consequences complication during childbirth:

  1. Anaemia
  2. The formation of the cysts and abscesses keloid scar formation
  3. Damage to the urethra resulting in urinary incontinence
  4. Dyspareunia[painful sexual intercourse].


Some communities like the maasai believe that F.G.M is the starting point of marriage.They  say that F.G.M prevent pain when having sexual intercourse. Also they say F.G.M prevent pain during birth. I will be back again.

Thank you for reading!

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Hey Shantel!

I am extremely interested in your cycle. F.G.M. is not something we hear a lot about in Canada, so reading your post and learning a lot of new information was very thought-provoking. Perhaps for your upcoming posts, you can try to find some organizations or companies who are working to get rid of F.G.M. and see if they have had any success.

Overall, great job! I'm excited about your next post! 

Hi Shantel! 

This is an eye-opening topic, which really interested me to learn more about this! I've heard about F.G.M in a couple of my classes, and I am very excited to see what you will continue to do for this cycle. Possibly, you could include if there is a time when this ritual started and if any countries had attempted to stop this from happening. 

This is a great topic! Keep up the good work 

Hi Shantel!

Wow.  This is a great topic that i honestly wasn't really aware was a thing.  I was looking at this site and i found out what they use to do this procedure and i couldn't even believe it.  I think it's really awesome your doing this subject and im really excited to see what you find out next.  An idea for you is maybe looking into the differences in the different types.

Thanks for sharing this, it was really eyeopening to learn about.  Keep up the great work!



Hello Shantel. 

This a very touching topic since its a practice that is being done by a few communities which means it can be very possible to take an action to save the health of the young female in the community. You have actually mention most of the effect they are passing through which is seriously inhuman. I hope you will continue doing more of your research.

                                                                                              Keep it up! 

Hello @Shantel Njeri (SWEETWATERS)!

Very organised post! From our perspective, it is interesting to see your topic talks about something not heard of often or brought up. There are differences in culture and views of the region. The risks you mention are very detrimental. Being that i have researched about the immune system, a sensitive area that are exposed to harm is an issue altogether. That's why, preventing this FGM from happening is crucial! It might be of help if you take a look at this from the UK and World Health Organization: 



Nice going! 

Hi Shantel, 

Wow, nice job on your research round. F.G.M. is a really hard and grim topic considering it is a reality for so many girls who are put at risk due to this situation. It’s a big issue as FGM leads to lifelong pain and problems with sexual health and childbirth. In Canada, F.G.M. isn’t really talked about. Thus, I really admire your enthusiasm to bring into spotlight on this. I enjoyed how you researched and listed the effects of your topic: it made it really easy to read and understand. Moreover, I liked how you talked about the long-term consequences. Many people normally think about the direct consequences of these sort of topics and don't imagine the long term scars as well as other lasting/developing effects. Good job! However, you may be interested in looking into why is FGM performed. I just read on this website (listed first below) on female genital mutilation, and how it is a manifestation of gender inequality. Where it is widely practiced, FGM is supported by both men and women. There are many reasons to why it is done from psychosexual to sociological to religious aspects. I find this interesting, and I hope you look into more of that in your next round. You can also look into whether it is required by certain religions and how it is linked to ethnicity. 


Here are some websites you can use for your next round: 






Good luck, and I can’t wait until your next post. 


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