Effect of drugs on the body

Hi everyone today i am to looking at the effect of drugs on the body.
Drug abuse and addiction can alter almost every system in your body. Drugs are probably known that they affect feelings and moods, judgment, decision making, learning, and memory. But they can also cause or increase other health problems like :cancer; heart disease; lung disease; liver function; mental illness and contagious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and tuberculosis. Some of these effects happen when drugs are used at high doses or after long use, and some may occur after just one use.Some of this drugs like:

-Tobbacco addiction increases risk of lung and heart diseases, as well as precipitous mature of the skin.

-inhalants spread toxic chemicals throughout the body, and can cause blackouts and hearing loss as well as liver,kidney, and bone marrow harm.

-Methamphetamine can cause cardiac damage, raise heart rate and attack, and can also lead to diseased gums and teeth, known as "meth mouth."
-Cocaine has been linked to stroke and heart attack, as well as increased weakness to infection.
Drug abuse is linked to the top U.S. medical problems, including heart disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and mental illness.
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