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Today I'm going to be checking at the relation of dugs and corruption because drugs and corruption work in one way  like when one court selling drugs uses corruption to get out of that case that are involved with them because they have money to bribe the judge and other officers that should be helping fight drugs  but instead they are involved in corruption and one is able to get away with it even after having sold a lot of drugs to teens or even cause death in one way or the other but because this people who sell drugs have money they will simply bribe the officers and continue with their dirty businesses,today i will be looking at drug trafficking mostly in Africa.

               Drugs trafficking 

Drug trafficking is a global illicit trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws. UNODC is continuously monitoring and researching global illicit drug markets in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their dynamics. Drug trafficking is a key part of this research. Further information can be found in the yearly World Drug Report.


Politicians are among the main obstacles in the fight to stop heroin trafficking, says a report.

 According to a European Union-funded report released last month powerful politicians are emerging as lead traffickers of heroin.

 The report also indicates that heroin trade and use has hit a new peak in Africa.

 “In Kenya, which one could characterise as a market where there is ‘multi-polar competition,’ drug traffickers have either campaigned directly for political office or are often linked to political interests,” states the report.

 No names were given by the researchers who indicated that they interviewed several sources including senior Kenya Defence Forces officers and a veteran seafarer last September for the report.


                    Several players


The report indicates that an estimated 55,000 Kenyans are currently hooked to the drug in Kenya, compared to Tanzania’s 32,000.

 “In Kenya, which one could characterise as a market where there is ‘multipolar competition,’ drug traffickers have either campaigned directly for political office or they are often linked to political interests,” states the report.

 It adds that drug was smuggled into the country by several players leading to significant competition.

 “Here, no single group dominates,” states the report.

 It also outlines how heroin trade has become embedded in local communities and linked to political elites.

 The users start out by smoking the drug for recreation before moving on to injecting it as their bodies’ tolerance soars.

 The research states that heroin prevalence and trade in Kenya and countries along the Indian Ocean is aided by weak checks and balances.

 The report notes that political instability around the Gulf region has pushed the traffickers from using the land route from the drug’s main source, Afghanistan, to using the southern route by sea through South Africa.

The result is that the drug has been readily available in coastal cities  that fall on the transit route.


               Southern route

 According to the report, most of the heroin that passes through the southern route is destined for markets in Europe, which are more lucrative than the African markets.

 “Much heroin transported this way is moved in units of tens or even hundreds of kilograms at a time,” the researchers said.

 The findings mean that the recent developments in combating drugs in the country, including the extradition trafficking suspects and their associates have not been a deterrent.

This drugs trafficking was just a few cases from Africa so next I will be looking at Drugs trafficking at Europe And other continent.

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the above information i found on this links if you wanna read more about drugs trafficking in Africa you can check on them





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Hey Bruce, 

Great information this week! I liked how focused you were on one individual subject, allowing you to really develop the heroin trade system. If you are looking into the heroin trade in Europe and other continents, here are a couple of sites you may be able to use:

Good luck with your future research, I look forward to reading what you find

Hey Bruce!

Great job on this week's research! I liked how neat you typed out everything, especially the section discussing drug trafficking. This global black market has dominated many areas and relationships between people. For your next round, you should also incorporate drug trafficking in other continents and how they are handled. 

Here are a couple sites that may be helpful: 


Good luck Bruce! Best of luck

Hello Ambrose,,,

You've got a fantastic research on drugs.According to what I managed to retrieve from your research is that Many of the world's biggest drug traffickers are fine, upstanding citizens who give to charity, pay their taxes and are well respected by their communities. (obviously they keep their involvement secret).Its also difficult to imagine that most of the drug traffickers don't take drugs.

Here are links that might be beneficial in your research;




Looking forward for your next post!

Hey Bruce,

It's quite upsetting to hear about the drug trade and the relation to heroin within Africa. A point that stuck out to myself within the round was "politicians are among the main obstacles to ending drug trafficking". Although politicians have their scandals, you wouldn't expect them to be supporters of such a deadly cause that has become an issue all over the world. Perhaps looking into the history of drugs could be beneficial. By looking into the past, there might be a solution to the issue at hand. How did people used to distribute drugs? Why did drugs become popular? Like everything in this world, it was created somehow and by finding the answers to the deadly substance maybe you could put a stop to it. Anyways another great round of research and here are some links on the history of drugs.



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