Disadvantages of cancer screening

Screening methods do not reveal all types of cancer. Both screening methods in this pilot project, (flexible sigmoidoscopy done once, or testing for hidden blood in the stool every other year), are expected to discover 60-70 per cent of tumours in the colon and rectum.

A positive screening test can also often be a false alarm. Eight out of ten who are told that they have hidden blood in their stools do NOT have cancer. However, there is a greater possibility that they have polyps (possible precancerous lesions). These can effectively be removed by colonoscopy, and thereby prevent the development of cancer. 

Screening and health check ups may give a feeling, consciously or unconsciously, of being well taken care of and thereby reduce motivation to take responsibility for ones own health e.g. (continue smoking, too little exercise or an unhealthy diet).Screening involves, as a rule, only one disease – in this case colon cancer.

A healthy life style is important for much more regarding health in general, which screening can not replace.

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nice research about cancer.you have also educated me on the disadvantages of screening of cancer.you have also educated us on to why these screening is very dangerous to human body therefore,,you are also suppose to tell us what brought cancer and also why we do not screen cancer

here i got a link which can help you in your research.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0072602/

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A nice and educative topic you have about the cancer screening, looking forward on your next research and hope that the following links will help you on your next topic.

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This must be the real thing,for me i do believe that the medical officers are the guys which make one to have the disease this is especially to cancer victims.Actually this screening is done before the symptom When screening is done the medicine given to the cancer patient are the one the transmit this cancer virus this is my discover.

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