Attitudes and behaviour lead to exclusion of disabled persons from social to cultural life.people fail to appreciate the potential for participation by disabled persons in normal social experiences thus do not contribute to the integration of disabled persons because of such barriers it is difficult or impossible for disabled persons to have close relationship with others.

Many people with disabilities are not excluded from the normal social life of their communities but also in some institutions.

Technology advances have changed the way people live. But for people with disabilities have not benefited equally,due to limited accessibility social and economic barriers.

Through my research i discovered that disability causes shame for example; a family in a rural developing country is ashamed of having a child with cerebral palsy who is unable to speak or walk is hidden from the community.

Some people lack devices and technology due to such barriers;

1 lack of adequately trained personnel to make and distribute

2 excessively high cost.

Provision of wheelchair services in developing countries including the development,production and distribution is very low.

People should ask themselves whose role is it to address the health needs of persons with disability and advocate their full inclusion into the society?

People with disabilities tend to be the most stigmatized population in many countries. The problems of disability in developing countries need to be specially highlighted as many persons live in isolated rural areas in developing countries. They often live in areas where medical and other related services are scarce or even totally absent and where disabilities are not and cannot be reached in time. In such countries,the disability problem is further expanded by the population.

The consequences of disablement are particularly serious for women because there are many countries where women are subjected to social,cultural and economic disadvantages  which lead to lack of access to health care. The technology which will prevent or control most disablement is available what is needed is commitment by society to overcome the problems.many disabled persons require technical aids. In some countries the technology needed to produce such items are well developed and highly manufactured devices are available to assist the mobility, communication and daily living.




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Hi Trizah

So far so good you topic is touching, i agree with you that people who are disabled under go many problem like let say like in our country Kenya it a third word country  when there are flood this people some time are not cared of, when hunger strikes in some of the counties still this people will suffer but instead those who are healthy to help them are there to even brake there heart and even destroy there hope completely so i  may be next you should look at various ways to help the disabled and   i think this link will help you a lot



Hey Trizah!

This post was very interesting to think about because I feel like those with disabilities may be overlooked in third-world countries so the fact that you are researching about it is great! I agree with you with the fact that a lack of access to healthcare can affect drastically the lives of those with a disability. For your next round, you may want to look into how others are trying to change this and maybe even think of your own solutions to this important problem!

Here are some sources that may be of help:



Good luck!

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