Hello every one i'm back again.I have researched on disadvantages of F.G.M.They include:

  1. Painful sexual intercourse due to tightened muscles.
  2. Early marriages
  3. Excessive bleeding during operation\cut may lead to death
  4. Easy transmission of HIV|AIDS they share cutting instruments
  5. Difficult birth leading to multiple tears during child birth

F.G.M is a manifestation of deeply entrenched gender inequality

Where it is widely practiced, F.G.M is supported by both men and women,usually without question, and anyone that does not follow the norm may face condemnation,harassment and ostracism.

In fact, it is often practiced even when it is known to inflict harm upon girls because the perceived social benefits of the practice are deemed higher than its disadvantages. 

Medicalization of F.G.M mean?

According to WHO,it is of F.G.M is when is performed by a health-care provider,e.g midwife e.t.c

Medicalized F.G.M at public or private clinic e.t.c

It is also includes the procedure of reinfibulation at any point in time in a woman's life.

Psycho-sexual reasons;it is thought to ensure virginity before marriage.

sociological and cultural reasons;enhances fertility


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Hey Shantel,

Great research round on F.G.M! As someone who is uneducated in the topic, your research round was very informative and easy for readers like myself to understand. It is quite upsetting that some women have to go through this painful experience due to their culture and don't necessarily have a say on their body. Perhaps within your next round of research, you could go more in depth on the purpose for F.G.M. Meaning why does the culture believe in this? Is it just for the purpose of maintaining a women's virginity to marriage? This mutilation appears bit ironic in the fact that certain cultures require grandchildren (specifically boys) yet they preform F.G.M which decreases the chances of birth (or at least makes it extremely difficult). As always another great research round and here are some links on the history and purpose behind F.G.M.



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