Hey guys !This week I am going to be tackling my first round of research on Rail transportation.Rail transportation is a means of transferring of passengers and  goods on vehicles running on rails .Some of these general types are:

  • Urban rail transit
  • Rapid transit
  • Elevated rail
  • Commuter rail
  • Light rail
  • Tramway
  • Funicular

Rail transportation has advantages in our day to day life.The benefits of choosing rail transportation are;

  • Dependable
  • Better organised
  • High speed over long distance
  • Suitable for bulky and heavy goods
  • Cheaper transport
  • Safety
  • Larger capacity
  • Public welfare
  • Administration facilities of Government
  • Employment opportunities

Even though it has numerous merits,still it has its limitations.These include the following;


  • Huge capital outlay
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lack of door to door service
  • Monopoly
  • Unsuitable for short distance and small loads
  • Booking formalities
  • No rural service
  • Under utilized capacity

          Centralized Administration


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Hi Ashilline! 

Great post. It's surprising how many general types of rail transportation there are. I am the most familiar with the urban rail transit, such as the skytrain system in Metro Vancouver. I use it to get to school everyday, and has helped me get to places easier. A great amount of the population of the city use rail transit, because it is an easier access and also cheaper than car gas. 

If it interests you, you could look into how our world would look like if there was no rail transportation. This would be a great way to see how important it is to our day to day life. 

Here's a source I found that can help you: 


Best of luck Ashilline!


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